DreamCraft to enhance game creation platform with $10M fundraise

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DreamCraft Entertainment announced today it’d closed a $10 million round of fundraising that will go towards its game creation platform.

The round was led by March Gaming, with other investors including Makers Fund, Dune Ventures, and Hiro Capital. They join the company’s previous investors, Tencent, Y Combinator, Makers Fund, Ludlow Ventures, Kevin Lin of Twitch, and Hubert Thieblot, previously of Curse and Twitch. The company has raised around $15 million in total, and employs over 20 people.

DreamCraft’s plan for the investment is to build a game development platform and editor that makes the process of creating a game easier. The point is to have a game creation solution for those who lack the programming and development experience to use other, more complex tools.

The goal, according to a statement prepared by the company, would allow creators to focus “solely on building unique gameplay mechanics for any genre and let DreamCraft do all the other heavy lifting.” The DreamCraft platform supports “a high-level, event-driven framework that includes features such as multiplayer, cross-platform, performance, memory-usage, and publishing.” The platform also offers art assets and support for 2D and 3D visuals.


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As Louis Gresham of March Gaming put it: “DreamCraft is exactly what it sounds like: empowering bright creators to realize their game making visions and providing an easy way for them to build and publish their games and make money. We’ve seen firsthand the magic that happens when hobbyists get their hands on what the DreamCraft team has built and realize they can fully develop and monetize a dynamic, high-quality game in mere months with exponentially less friction than any UGC platform or engine out there.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz