Dog Trainer, Psychologist and Behaviourist Adil Qureshi, also known as Petman in Mumbai

June 9: Good news for all pet parents in and around Mumbai! To ensure that the canine member of your family gets proper and positive training, you can now approach dog trainer, psychologist and behaviourist, Adil Qureshi.

With his unique styles and light touch approaches,  Adil Qureshi trains your pooches with patience, reliability, and outstanding (verbal and non verbal) communication skills.

Popularly known as Petman Adil, the dog behaviourist works with the pet owners to strengthen the bond with their pet pal and help them bring out the best of their traits. With a profound knowledge of animal behaviour and practical teaching skills, PetmanAdil specializes in all types of dog breeds, puppy trainings, puppy socialization, puppy obedience training, puppy behaviour training, unwanted behaviour correction, aggression control training, dog show handling, and a variety of other areas.

Adil Qureshi, who hails from Rajasthan, India, was always a petlover since his childhood. So was his passion for animals that instead of playing with other children, 13- year old Adil regularly visited the veterinary Govt. hospital in his small town of Mount Abu. He spent years observing them, understanding their behaviour  traits, behaviour pattern etc. He also gained knowledge about dog breeds and other animals by working in nearby farms. PetmanAdil mastered his skills by reading  pet psychology and behaviour books and practically working with veterinarians, pet food manufacturing factories and pet stores. He also worked as a breeder and as a trainer.

Besides developing an interest in this field, the young pet lover, was keen to become a model and an actor too.  Adil Qureshi came down to Mumbai in 2017 to pursue his dreams. He climbed the success ladder with his charming and macho persona and won the Mr. Fame India title in 2018.

Adil says, ” Although I achieved fame and name in modelling and acting industry, my cravings to train dog remains my priority. In Mumbai, I came across many dog enthusiasts who were misguided about puppy training. They were charged heftily with nonguaranteed results. That is when, I decided to enter this arena and provide my services to the owners without burning their pockets and giving them positive results in limited training sessions”.

Unlike other intructors who takes months to impart basic training, dog psychologist, Adil does his job well in just a couple of sessions. He even helps the  owners to learn about training techniques which they can use for a lifetime. The way Adil Qureshi interprets and observes dogs body language in various situation is unmatchable. Thats why, today, Adil is the most sought-after trainer in Mumbai.

According to his clients, they have received excellent results from the very first session. Through positive reinforcement and past experiences, Adil Qureshi  designs and styles the training in his own way.

The amazing dog trainer is very famous on social media too.He shares his knowledge and detailed descriptions of dog training issues to millions of petlovers through his instagram handle @petmanadil. He graciously answers all the queries posted by his followers. His instagram stories contain  videos that has informative and educational content about dog training techniques.

Want to reach out Adil Qureshi?

Email: [email protected]