Discord adds Forum Channels for more specific uses

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Discord announced it’s rolling out its latest feature, called Forum Channels. These new, specialized channels provide a venue for smaller, more focused conversation. Organized in a central hub, Forum Channels are for specific discussions that would otherwise clog up the more general channels.

Moderators can create as many Forum Channels as they want, and they can restrict each one to specific users, as the case may be. They can also create guidelines and tags for the discussions. Users can also (provided they have permissions) see the entire discussion before they join in.

This feature feels designed to clean up one of Discord’s recurring problems: Too many channels. In any given server, especially one with lots of people, users have dozens of channels from which to choose. It can be intimidating to jump in, during the middle of an ongoing discussion. Forum Channels present easier ways of keeping discussions separate.

According to Discord’s blog post, “Like Threads and Text in Voice before, Forum Channels let focused conversations thrive without hogging a channel. No more watching an interesting discussion get drowned out, hijacked or abandoned because it went stale for a few hours. More than ever, every conversation has a place on Discord now.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz