Dell India says it’s delivering some PCs and notebooks in 6-8 weeks despite looming chip shortage

Supply chain issues resulting in the current semiconductor shortage are holding up production and denting sales. Despite the shortage of semiconductors, PC maker Dell Technologies India has been able to reduce the delivery time of some of its products by up to 8 weeks, a senior company official said.

According to Indrajit Belgundi, senior director and general manager at Dell Technologies India, the company is currently in the process of making various desktop and notebook products, such as the Dell OptiPlex desktops, Dell Vostro desktops, and some notebook products including Dell Latitude 5420. It will also start making ultra-premium products, such as the Dell Latitude 9430 and the Dell 7330 Ultralight, and other notebooks.

Despite the challenges that the shortage has presented to the company, Belgundi noted that the company’s supply chain capabilities have allowed it to minimise the impact of the issue on its delivery lead time. He also stated that the company’s engagements with its customers are helping it improve its delivery lead time.

Belgundi noted that the company will continue to introduce new products such as the ultra-premium laptops known as the 9430, 7330, and the 5570. He also stated that the company will also continue to develop its smallest and most portable workstation, the 5570.

According to Belgundi, the company’s products used to typically take around 12 to 14 weeks to arrive. However, due to the company’s supply chain capabilities, the company is now able to deliver some of its products even in two weeks.

Dell Technologies has come up with premium notebooks both in Latitude and Precision series in the price range of Rs 79,990-Rs to 1,45,990 recently.

(With inputs from PTI.)

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz