Deathverse: Let it Die launches on PS5 and PS4 in 2022

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Sony today announced Deathverse: Let it Die at its State of Play event. The game is set to launch in 2022 for PlayStations 5 and PlayStation 4.

Deathverse is a “multiplayer melee survival action game,” according to the trailer description. The player characters are battling it out in what appears to be a reality TV show called Death Jamboree set in a world called the Deathverse. The game is a sequel to 2016’s free-to-play roguelike RPG Let It Die, and is set after that game takes place and in the same reality show.



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Characters will be battling it out with the help of a robot companion called a Wilson unit. The Wilson will transform into weapons, shields, and bullets, it appears. According to the PlayStation Blog post, players will be able to get ahead by upgrading their Wilson unit. Various other characters appear in the trailer, including show hosts Bryan Zemeckis and QueenB, as well as an antagonist called Hunter G.

Deathverse will feature mostly survival game modes, though developer Supertrick promises there will be other modes depending on what season the game is in.

The game will launch in spring for PlayStation 4 and 5 and it will be free-to-play. That said, the blog post confirms it will have microtransactions and a season pass: “You’ll be able to customize your fighter with cosmetics that fit your personality and style via in-game purchases or season passes.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz