Dataddo launches free data integration service for enterprises

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No-code data integration platform Dataddo has announced a free plan to help enterprise users across levels easily access and start working with data from disparate sources.

According to a recent survey from New Vantage Partners, 97% of organizations are currently investing in data, but the aspiration to become truly data-driven continues to be elusive. Only 26.5% of the survey respondents claim to have created a data-driven organization, with less than half claiming to be competing on data and analytics.

In a separate report, Accenture also found that 74% of enterprise users “feel overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data.”

In reality, there can be multiple reasons for these challenges, but most cite the lack of appropriate data culture as the biggest roadblock.


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“There continues to be a strong consensus that cultural challenges — slow adaptability to change, reengineering of business processes, education of staff, requirements for data literacy, organizational alignment to support business objectives — represent the major impediments organizations face in their efforts to become data-driven. For the fourth consecutive year, over 90% of executives — 91.9% in 2022 — point to culture as the greatest impediment to achieving this business outcome,” the New Vantage Partners survey said. 

Dataddo free data integration offering

To address this particular challenge and create a better data culture within organizations, Dataddo has launched a free tier of its product — something that could get the ball rolling.

With this offering, enterprise users can access any 10 of Dataddo’s 200+ connectors and automate the synchronization of marketing, sales, financial and other cloud data to up to three dashboarding applications and/or Google Sheets on a weekly basis. 

This way, without investing in a paid product right away, organizations can kickstart data integration on a smaller scale and familiarize/educate their employees with what needs to be done. The solution can also help test the validity of a data model in limited beta before deploying it fully in a data warehouse.

“Once businesses outgrow our free plan, there is no limit to how much further they can scale up integration (with paid plans). Whether they are just starting to analyze data in Google Sheets or ready to integrate our API into their own app, Dataddo supports companies at every stage of data maturity,” Petr Nemeth, founder and CEO of Dataddo, said. 

While the free plan puts limitations around connectors and the target dashboarding applications one could use, it does not cap extraction limits (users can sync any volume of data) or restrict the usage period of the service. In fact, Dataddo claims to be the first data integration platform to offer something like this.

The company also offers two paid plans for users looking to go to the next level: Data to Dashboards and Data Anywhere. The former is a full-fledged version of the free plan and allows users to access all 200+connectors to sync data to more than three visualization tools. Meanwhile, the latter additionally enables subscribers to send data to warehouses, between warehouses, and from warehouses back into apps (reverse ETL). Plus, it offers a growing library of free templates for popular dashboarding applications, enabling professionals with any level of data skill to start analyzing the data immediately.

At the core, Dataddo offers proprietary anomaly detection technology and automatic format harmonization to make unstructured data dashboard-ready for business teams. For more advanced insights, the platform also allows users to conveniently merge datasets from multiple systems before exporting them to a dashboard.

“The Dataddo platform is designed for non-technical business professionals. But it’s also incredibly friendly to engineers because it allows them to tap into low-level platform operations via an API,” Nemeth added.

Other announcements

In addition to the free plan, Dataddo also announced the launch of reverse ETL functionality as well as a headless data integration product, which allows enterprises to build their own data products on top of the unified Dataddo API. 

In 2021, the company saw five-fold growth and is now handling over 17,000 enterprises and individuals, including Twitter, Ogilvy, Uber Eats, the French Football Federation, the Dallas Stars, Epic Games, Sat-7, Sallve and Emirates NBD. Other players in the same space are Denodo, Fivetran and Talend.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz