Cuckoo Air Purifier J1510FW review: Semi-smart with 3-stage filtration, UV

India’s direct selling company Modicare, in collaboration with Korean appliance maker Cuckoo, recently launched in the country its maiden air purifier. Called the Cuckoo (J1510FW) Air Purifier, the device boasts lightweight design, three-stage air filtration system supported by ultraviolet LEDs, and touch controls. On paper, it seems to be a value-for-money proposition at Rs 18,999. Is it? Let’s find out:


The Cuckoo Air Purifier has a compact form factor and lightweight design. It has a cylindrical body with slanted-flat top side, rounded frame with holes on the circumference, and rubber-fitted bottom.

The top side has a backlit touch control panel at the centre flanked by air vents on the bezels. The backlit is dynamic and changes between blue, yellow and red depending on the air quality — blue for air quality within permissible limits, yellow for borderline clean air quality, and red for poor air quality. The lights on the panel can be turned off, but not completely. The LEDs for power and fan mode stays on, causing distractions and discomfort especially at night hours. Nevertheless, there is a handle available on the top side that makes it easy and convenient to move the device.

Coming to the side, there are holes on the front and back that are appropriately sized to stop elements such as pets hair, broom threads, etc. but do not get in way for the air to pass. Therefore, the frame doubles up as a pre-filter and extends life of the main filter. Speaking of the main filter, it goes inside the frame from behind and is protected by a removable cover.


The Cuckoo J1510FW is a semi-smart air purifier. It lacks internet connectivity, therefore, misses smart features. But it is smart in terms of functions. In the auto mode, for example, the air purifier smartly adjusts blower fan speed based on air quality conditions. The Cuckoo Air Purifier may not be tech-rich but it is an effective indoor air purifier good for small spaces. It cleans the air of the particulate matters and odour. It has a three-layer filter; a pre-filter to catch dust and hair, a HEPA filter to clean the air of ultra-fine particles, and an activated carbon filter to remove harmful gases and unpleasant odours from the air. Besides, the air purifier has built-in UV LEDs to neutralise airborne bacteria and viruses.


The Cuckoo Air Purifier cleans the air of pollutants, smoke, dust, pollen allergen, bacteria, and viruses. It lacks smart capabilities yet makes a good deal because it does not cuts corners on fundamentals. It has a minimal but functional design, three-stage air filtration process, and UV on top to round up the package.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz