COVID-19: Here’s what Satya Nadella has to say about ‘hybrid work paradox’ and how Microsoft plans to deal with it

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic uncertainty remains, what post-Covid work-life situation will look like is on the thoughts of most personnel and their employers. Latest to voice opinion on the concern is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who detailed in a weblog post published on Friday how his corporation was organizing to operate when the Coronavirus pandemic was more than admitting how the “hybrid work paradox” was right here to keep.

Maintaining that each and every organisation will have to adopt a separate strategy in tune with its operational requires, Nadella stated that as per Microsoft’s study most personnel want more versatile remote work possibilities even soon after the pandemic is more than. However, he added that most personnel are also not in favour of completely work-from-home mode and would want more in-individual collaboration. Maintaining the fine balance amongst the two will consequently be crucial to good results.

Outlining 3 key actions his corporation is contemplating for a smooth transition post Covid, Nadella stated that the 1st key activity becoming is to detach most Microsoft personnel from its corporate network and take an web-1st strategy in its operations. The Microsoft CEO added that the web 1st strategy will not only safeguard the personnel from exposure to the virus but also will bring consistency in their work from home and workplace.

The second step would be asking all personnel working from remote areas to run a test on their web network and make sure that their network is one hundred % safe, Nadella added. The third critical step for the corporation would be to make sure that every single electronic device employed by its personnel for corporation operations are one hundred % safe and for this the corporation is organizing to roll out a corporation-wide Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Nadella concluded.

Lastly on the use of workplace space and company’s physical properties, Nadella stated that the corporation would not be solely relying on a shared physical place to interact with its personnel. However, he added that the physical spaces will continue to have their significance in Covid-19 era also but their use will require to be re-imagined.

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