Couchbase updates DBaaS offering with Google Cloud support

Couchbase, a provider of NoSQL database software for enterprise applications, today announced updates for its Capella database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering.

The company said it will provide Capella customers Google Cloud support as well as a data sync backend called App Services. The former will provide enterprises with enhanced flexibility on where to deploy Capella, improving alignment with applications and supporting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. The latter will make it easier for developers to seamlessly sync data between their apps and the cloud.

“Capella App Services is a fully managed and hosted gateway for bidirectional data synchronization between Capella and embedded apps on smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and custom embedded devices. It also handles secure data access with role-based-access-control, providing authentication for mobile users,” Mark Gamble, product and solutions marketing director at Couchbase, told Venturebeat.

Couchbase Capella App Services

Why is this important?

Developers working on modern enterprise applications have to ensure that their services are backed by a database that can support backend app services and synchronization to maintain data integrity and consistency. Without these capabilities, the product loses its reliability and becomes susceptible to downtime, data gaps and slow operations.

While most developers try to avoid the challenge by maintaining servers and building the complex synchronization process themselves, App Services removes the hassle entirely. It streamlines setup configuration, synchronization and ongoing backend services management, saving the teams their time, effort and resources. 

“This means that developers don’t have to build and manage synchronization themselves. They simply use App Services and are freed up to concentrate on making their app front end the best it can be,” Gamble said. 

“It effectively brings mobile support to Capella, combining Couchbase’s long-standing strengths in mobile apps with the scale and convenience of Capella DBaaS,” he added.

Couchbase first debuted its fully managed and automated Capella DBaaS in October 2021 to alleviate development teams from operational database management efforts. The App Services offering further supports that mission by helping developers cut costs and accelerate their time to market. It is currently available to select customers, including Italy-based data MOLO17, in beta and will go public in the coming weeks.

“With App Services in Capella, we get a fully managed cloud database along with managed mobile sync services. This new innovation accelerates our development and helps us use our resources more efficiently to ultimately deliver the best mobile applications to our customers,” said Daniele Angeli, CEO and founder of MOLO17.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz