CODVO.AI: Firm that bridges talent deficit

According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, 76% of the global IT decision-makers face critical skills gaps in their teams. “The solution to this rising talent shortage is remote work, and we at (Coding Virtual Operations) understood the importance of remote work from day one. We need to go where talent is, not the other way around,” says Amit Verma, managing partner of this rapidly expanding pure-play product engineering firm. He has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and is a go-getter.

Bootstrapped and just a year old, wants to make a difference in people’s lives by offering cutting-edge digital solutions. Their rapidly expanding team of technicians, scientists, and designers are obsessed with developing ‘Right Fit’ solutions for its customers’ ambitious projects. “Our teams are either building new cloud-native applications for financial, industrial, and healthcare industries, or creating product roadmaps for predictive AI behemoths. Our core DNA drives us to use emerging technologies like AI, cloud, data and blockchain to reinvent traditional solutions,” says Verma, adding, “our revenues and team size are growing exponentially. The business trajectory is promising this year too, and we expect to see three-fold growth by 2022-end.”

The idea of building Virtual Silicon Valleys is at the core of this venture. “We believe that Silicon Valleys cannot be defined by geographical areas – for example, why does Bangalore have to be the Silicon Valley of India? Why can’t a coder sittingin Jaipur or Jalandhar build revolutionary programmes? With our remote-first model, we want to extend the opportunity of working on ambitious projects to the talent available in big and small cities of India and create mini Virtual Silicon Valleys all over,” he says.

Since developing Right Fit solutions for their customers is a top priority for the company, it has put in place RightFit teams that deliver the goods. A RightFit team has the skills required for the project, is culturally aligned to the client, knows how to collaborate smartly, and is obsessed with goals. Codvo’s philosophy is to match a technology product or a project with a RightFit Team to achieve maximum synergy, productivity, and satisfaction for the client.

The use of AI and cloud adoption have skyrocketed over the last two years. Around 52% of the companies have accelerated their AI adoption plans owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, a study by PwC has found. Startups and enterprises are now looking for pure-play firms in the AI and cloud segments, offering expertise and scale. “Our expertise lies in the domain of AI, cloud, UX, and cybersecurity. We experienced exponential growth last year, thanks to the increased AI adoption,” says Verma, adding, “our areas of expertise are evolving, and we are vigorously adding subject matter experts and industry veterans to our team to enhance them. Our clients are fintech giants, tech startups, gaming companies, e-commerce platforms, healthcare firms, and aircraft companies.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz