Click on profile image will quickly show WhatsApp status update

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that will permit customers to show their contact’s status update just by clicking on their profile image. It is pertinent to note that at present WhatsApp supplies a separate tab below which status updates of all the contacts are listed in a series. As per media reports, the Facebook owned application is now attempting to facilitate status viewing by merely clicking on the contacts’ profile image. Users will, apart from viewing the profile image of the get in touch with concerned, will also have the solution to view their status straight from the very same icon.

The organization is reportedly at present working on this feature and the feature is not even visible to the customers who are on the newest WhatsApp beta. The reports of WhatsApp working on such a feature began swirling when tracker of WhatsApp feature WABetaInfo reported seeing the feature on the WhatsApp of beta version What the feature primarily entails is that when customers touch the profile image of the get in touch with, they will be offered with two possibilities by WhatsApp- they can either click on ‘show profile picture’ or they can click ‘show latest status update.’ A related feature of this type was also introduced by Twitter fleets some time back.

As to when the organization will in fact launch the feature remains a mystery as the organization has not even confirmed that it is working on such a feature. Normally the corporations just before launching the feature publicly test the feature on a restricted quantity of customers which is known as public beta testing. But so far, WhatsApp has not even revealed such a feature on beta testing, and it will be early to in fact predict when precisely the organization is going to launch the application feature.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz