CES 2023: Verge Video’s best of

Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and (almost) gone, and The Verge was there to capture all of the biggest announcements, names, and gadgets shown this year in Las Vegas. As always, CES is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate how they envision the future of tech, and we wanted to break down some of the best things we saw on this year’s show floor.

Best monitor: Samsung Odyssey G95SC
CES is always a battle of the screens, and 2023 was no different. Samsung claims this 49-inch model is the world’s first 32:9 aspect ratio OLED gaming monitor. We don’t know the price tag yet, but the company says we can expect to see it later this year.

Best evolution of a concept: BMW i Vision Dee
CES wouldn’t be CES without gimmicks and out-there concepts — and the BMW i Vision Dee is the perfect example. This concept car has made major tech strides since it was announced at CES 2022, adding a full-color version of the E Ink technology that allows it to turn into 32 available colors.

Best in show: Matter
Smart home adoption was a big focus at CES 2023 once again, and Matter was in the spotlight. The new interoperability standard set a lofty goal of simplifying the smart home, and companies like Samsung, Google, and Apple have committed to making it work. There’s still a long ways to go to reach the simpler, interconnected future Matter is promising, and we’ll be following the journey closely.

There was a lot more to experience this year — from the best health tech to the best beauty gadget to the most punnable name — so watch the full video above breaking down all of the standouts from CES 2023. And for the rest of The Verge’s CES 2023 awards, read here.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz