CES 2023: French firm Invoxia unveils smart dog collar to track heart rate

French consumer electronics company Invoxia has unveiled a smart dog collar at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, which can track the heart activity of aAdog.

The collar comes with an “advanced heart tracking technology on par with human electrocardiograms”, reports AppleInsider.

It can detect and monitor a dog’s breathing and heartbeat using sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to give a 360-degree picture of the dog’s health and well-being.

The collar was developed with the assistance of Veterinary specialists.

It measures movement, respiration and heart rates using miniature radar sensors, accelerometers and edge AI within the collar, which would be impossible to record without uncomfortable electrodes.

Moreover, it gives a 2D visual representation of a dog’s cardio-pulmonary system through continuous measurements, by using a proprietary technology called Heartprint.

“The Smart Dog Collar will be available in quarter three of 2023 for $149, with data subscriptions starting from $8.25 per month,” the report said.



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