CCP Games reveals EVE Online’s 20th anniversary content roadmap

CCP Games announced its plans for EVE Online in 2023, the 20th anniversary of the online title. The year’s roadmap includes two expansions, several smaller updates and the integration of Microsoft Excel for some reason. The first batch of these updates roll out in the year’s first quarter.

CCP has not specified what content will be part of the new expansions, except that there will be a lot of it. It launched the last expansion, Uprising, in November last year, and that was the first major expansion since 2018. It’s also hosting an official anniversary event in May to mark the game’s specific 20th anniversary.

The first wave of updates include a few quality-of-life additions to the game, including the ability to join faction warfare without leaving one’s current alliance. It’s also holding a Lunar New Year event, with further holiday updates around Halloween and next winter.

The Excel integration appears to be CCP Games embracing their games reputation as a “spreadsheet game.” CCP worked on the integration with Microsoft and plans to launch it in closed beta later this month with a full released planned for May. Players will be able to pull their in-game data directly to Excel. It’s worth noting that Excel costs a subscription fee to use (it can also be purchased as a standalone from Microsoft for $160).

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz