Capcom drops new Resident Evil 4 remake trailer in showcase

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Capcom held a showcase today giving more information about the upcoming Resident Evil series. The biggest part of the show is the new trailer and gameplay footage for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. It gives us a glimpse of the updated village gameplay, as well as new areas hero Leon will have to traverse.

The gameplay footage shows the starter home, where Leon encounters his first Ganado, is much larger, and Leon plays cat-and-mouse with the starting enemies in a way more reminiscent of Village than the original 4. The village encounter looks very similar to the original fight, with the return of Dr. Salvador and his chainsaw — which he actually uses to break down the door in addition to dicing up Leon.

In addition to gameplay, Capcom debuted a story trailer that revealed the new looks of several familiar characters, including Luis Serra, Ada Wong and Ramon Salazar. The story appears to follow the original, but there are some deviations — hostage Ashley Graham’s sickness will apparently lead her to attack Leon, which she doesn’t do in the original.

In addition to RE4-make, Capcom also revealed new information about the upcoming Resident Evil Village additions. These include the new third-person version of the game, as well as the upcoming expansion starring Rose Winters. Capcom also announced that the upcoming RE4 remake is coming to PS4, in addition to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz