Cake’s first e-bike can go over 200 miles before needing a charge

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Cake, the Swedish maker of deliciously designed electric motorbikes, finally has an e-bike with actual pedals, not pegs. The Cake Äik comes in two street-legal variants: In the US, it ships with a throttle and mid-drive 500W motor (with a 1000W peak) with a 20mph (32km/h) top speed, while in Europe it’s pedal-assist only and you’re stuck with a 250W motor (500W peak) capable of just 16mph (25km/h) max. 

Like the Cake Ösa electric moped I reviewed last summer, Åik is positioned less for commuters, and more as a utility bike for people that rely upon two-wheeled transport for their livelihoods or rugged outdoor fun.

Mount a fridge on the back and power it off one of your three 750kWh batteries.
Image: Cake

The 66lbs (30kg) Åik, which translates to “big and heavy load,” is capable of carrying about 176lbs (80kg) in cargo — 132lbs (60kg) on the back and 44lbs (20kg) up front. The modular aluminium frame can be fitted with dizzying assortment of racks, bags, trailers, baskets, and even a passenger seat. It can also be configured with up to three lockable 750Wh batteries for a possible range of up to 224 miles (360km) from 2.25kWh of total capacity. Or dedicate one of those extra batteries to use as a power bank for a portable laptop, drone, or hell… even a full-on fridge.

Regardless of region, the e-bike is capable of producing 100Nm of torque to get the bike started under heavy load. It’s assisted by an Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox for stepless automatic shifting even when stopped, with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes on the front and back wheels ensuring it actually does. There’s no suspension leaving the e-bike’s 20 x 3 inch tires to soak up all the bumps.

This e-bike is endlessly configurable.

This e-bike is endlessly configurable.
Image: Cake

As part of Cake’s “:work” series, it’s also fitted with a telematics unit with GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM that’s compatible with the Cake App and Cake Fleet Management App.

The Åik is available for preorder from $6,470 / €6,470 and is expected to start shipping in May.

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