Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene reveals an ambitious new game world dubbed Prologue

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Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has unveiled an ambitious new game world dubbed Prologue.

The new teaser video for the project follows Greene’s departure this week from Krafton, the organization that published his tremendously profitable PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) battle royale game. Greene began a new studio in Amsterdam referred to as PlayerUnknown Productions, and Krafton has taken a minority ownership stake in it.

That news is a blow for PUBG and Krafton, as Krafton raised $3.75 billion in an initial public providing. Greene is popular as the creator of the battle royale mode for initial-particular person shooter games, beginning six years ago with a mod for Arma. Greene’s work has led to a big adjust in the initial-particular person shooter genre and generated more than $5.1 billion in revenues for the mobile version of PUBG alone, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower. The Computer and console versions have generated billions more income, with copies sold surpassing 70 million in mid-2020.


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“Today I want to speak about what’s next for me and my team,” Greene stated in a video post today. “But before I start, I just want to take a minute and thank all the players and developers that have elevated a simple game mode into a genre of amazing games. Your imagination and innovation are inspiring. Thank you all.”

Greene stated he has held “this deep fascination with sandbox-style, open-world games, and the freedoms that they give their players.”

But he stated he constantly wished they had been a bit larger. At the new studio, his group desires to build realistic sandbox worlds on a scale of hundreds of kilometers across with thousands of players interacting, exploring, and making.

He stated he is following in the footsteps of other good open-world developers and his dream is not to build a game but a world.


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He acknowledged making such worlds presents challenges.

“One of the more significant is that we simply don’t have a way to fill these massive spaces with content, assets, game mechanics, locations, and similar things in a reasonable amount of time,” he stated. “Realistic, open worlds take a great deal of time and effort to produce. And so this was the first issue that we chose to tackle.”

The crucial to producing factors larger that humans can build on their personal has constantly been to get machines to pitch in and support. And he plans to use deep understanding neural networks, or artificial intelligence, to support create the enormous realistic open world.

The game need to be a new knowledge every and every single time you press play, he stated.

“It’s this breakthrough that we hope will start pushing video game worlds to the sorts of scale that would lend weight to the idea of “you see that mountain, you can climb it,” a reference to a comment by game designer Todd Howard about The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim.

He thinks that obtaining a hidden corner in a vast space will have genuine which means when thousands of other players haven’t passed by means of it in the last hour.

“This is what me and my team have been working on,” he stated. “We’re developing this technology required to enable massive scale within open world games. It’s been a fascinating project to date. And soon, we’ll be ready to show off some of what we’ve achieved.”

A tech demo

PUBG on the PC

Image Credit: PUBG Corp

Prologue calls for that the organization construct the technologies necessary to create vast worlds, and “in that sense Prologue is intended to serve as a simple introduction to an early iteration of our technology,” he stated.

In Prologue, players will come across their way across a “runtime-generated wilderness” and use tools and collect sources to survive on a journey exactly where harsh climate is regularly a issue.

“There will be no guidance, no path for you to follow just a world a spot on the map to reach and the tools needed to get there,” he stated.

Because Prologue is a tech demo, Greene stated the organization will use a “pay what you want” model for it. If you like what you see and appreciate the knowledge, you can spend to help the group.

“This is just the start of the small glimpse of that technology that will eventually power a much more extensive experience,” Greene stated. “Prologue is our initial step on a multi-year journey towards making what we hope will be wealthy, interactive, open worlds.

We’ve performed an exclusive interview with Greene and we’ll run that story on Saturday morning at 8:45 a.m. Pacific time.

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