BLUE YETI X USB MIC: Sound investment for gaming & podcasting

Over the past couple of years, as I have moved from being a podcast guest to a podcast show host, I have tested quite a few podcast mics and been impressed by their audio quality as well as ease of use. However, the new Blue Yeti X takes this to a new level by offering more controls for creators.The Blue Yeti X has a robust but very compact design that makes it both familiar and state of the art. While the mic stands tall on its base—perfect for use on top of a table —the beauty of the design is in the smart knob that lets you adjust multiple functions like gain and speaker level using the same dial with LED indicators. The LED lights give streamers a real-time understanding of their audio quality. From the front button, you can switch modes easily. I used the USB-C cable to connect to my iMac for my recordings.

I set the mic in carotid mode as I recorded my first podcast with the Yeti X. But this was done as I would use any regular microphone. I did not really use the new features the Yeti X was offering. Also, I kept the mic titled towards me, which the manual asks you not to do. I had to do a bit of reading to figure out how the advanced Blue VO!CE software kicks in while using the microphone. The software is enabled when you download the Logitech G Hub suite on the computer. On the iMac, after installing G Hub, I could see the Yeti X listed in the software. Inside, I could use this to customise everything from the LED lights to the audio mode.

But what is really cool is the Blue Voice mode which lets you modulate your sound and add effects in real-time. So I could change the audio from high bass to a broadcast mode or even vintage radio, all very distinct to the ear. However, on podcasts, this is maybe not something I need to use all the time. The regular audio tweaks are what make a difference. For instance, it lets me cut the drone of the ceiling fan in my room, a very useful function no doubt.

At Rs 17,495, the Yeti X might be a tad more expensive than a lot of the other USB mics out there, but very few are as versatile or feature-rich as this mic. Given the access to the Blue VO!CE software, the Blue Yeti X is among the best USB microphone options available for podcasters and streamers. It will be a sound investment for your creative endeavours.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz