Blockchain indexing firm The Graph enlists Streaming Fast in $60M grant deal

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The Graph Foundation awarded a $60 million grant to StreamingFast to get it to join its ecosystem for indexing the decentralized world-wide-web for search purposes.

It’s the closest point to an acquisition in the decentralized internet business enterprise, but it does not pretty count as one. Under the deal, StreamingFast will join as a core developer in The Graph’s ecosystem. But StreamingFast will retain ownership more than its brand and personnel, and it will develop into a core protocol developer and open supply contributor in The Graph’s ecosystem.

StreamingFast will work alongside Edge &amp Node, a computer software development enterprise devoted to the advancement of the decentralized Internet. Tegan Kline, the cofounder of Edge &amp Node, explained how this functions to me in an interview.

“The big news is really that $60 million core development grant,” Kline mentioned.

Indexing the blockchain

The Graph Foundation believes that the world-wide-web will move to the blockchain and will require its personal search service, like a Google for blockchain, which is the transparent and safe digital ledger behind technologies such as cryptocurrencies. So it has begun the work of indexing the blockchain and all of the transactions recorded on the ledger. That will allow it to build a search engine that people today can use to search via the blockchain information, which is a matter of public record.

“The Graph is really like the Google of blockchains. The Graph indexes all of the blockchain data, and serves that data,” Kline mentioned. “So it’s how developers access data and serve it to their users, just like how Google set out to index the web back in the day. The Graph is doing that only for the blockchain data. And we believe that blockchains are the future of the Internet. So that will become all of the world’s data.”

StreamingFast has a group devoted to working on the decentralized internet, and The Graph desires that team’s assist. So it made the grant so that StreamingFast will focus on a frequent open-supply protocol. All of StreamingFast’s relevant application programming interface (API) goods will also be migrated to The Graph, which will assist boost indexing overall performance and augment the network’s back-finish querying services. The Graph Foundation has bought a portion of StreamingFast’s intellectual home and will open-supply it as properly.

This grant is the 1st of its type, enabling an skilled development group to develop into devoted to working on an open supply protocol, mentioned Kline. The deal represents a way for organizations like StreamingFast and decentralized communities like The Graph to work closely with each other. The joint work must assist boost the overall performance in obtaining query benefits.

“It’s just a grant, as opposed to one centralized company taking control of another centralized company, and then kind of bringing them in to destroy competition,” Kline mentioned. “Instead, it’s like allowing them in, in an autonomous way, so that they have that choice. They’re not doing that because of contracts. And because of money, they’re actually making that choice to join this different movement. So it is very similar to an acquisition, without the red tape.”

Speeding query overall performance

Image Credit: The Graph

StreamingFast will begin productive promptly by supporting The Graph as it continues its multi-blockchain expansion. StreamingFast engineers and project managers will also work on subgraph development, assistance for new Layer 1 protocols, core protocol development, indexing and overall performance improvements, contributing to the governance method, development tooling and education.

“We truly believe that protocols will eat the world and today’s announcement exemplifies this,” CEO Marc-Antoine Ross mentioned in an e-mail to VentureBeat. “We launched the company three years ago with the vision to build a traditional SaaS model but soon realized the powerful coordination and incentive mechanisms of protocols and Web3. With this core dev grant, we are paving the way for an alternative path for traditional VC-backed businesses operating in Web3.”

The decentralized internet and Web3 represent a opportunity to reboot the world-wide-web. The strategy is to allow peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a middleman so that decentralized applications can merely run on the blockchain. Fans of decentralized note that the centralization of the internet led to organizations acquiring our individual information and then promoting it for marketing income.

“That’s the centralized web. That’s what it incentivizes. And so that’s what it has become,” Kline mentioned. “But that’s not why the internet was created. So with The Graph, we’re focusing on kind of creating a new internet that allows for individuals to be empowered. And it removes that gatekeeping, and makes this data open in a public good that everyone can benefit from and build with. And that’s kind of the vision and future that they’re now joining into.”

The StreamingFast group has deep practical experience in constructing indexing options for higher-speed blockchains, with a specific focus on Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polkadot, Cosmos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, and other higher-throughput protocols. The team’s core infrastructure excels at indexing blockchains in genuine-time, which unlocks new possibilities for streaming applications, dashboards and explorers, and improved analytics tools on The Graph. StreamingFast is committed to 5 years of work with The Graph.


The Graph has teamed up with StreamingFast.

Image Credit: The Graph

The Graph launched its mainnet in December of 2020. The Graph Foundation subsequently announced the 1st core developer, Edge &amp Node, shortly immediately after that. StreamingFast represents the second development group to join the project complete-time, which demonstrates the energy that decentralized networks have to attract talent, interest, and sources about them.

In April, The Graph’s hosted service processed 20 billion queries, representing 20 instances development in significantly less than a year, beginning from a billion queries in June 2020. The Graph is at the moment migrating usage from the hosted service to the decentralized network, with 10 decentralized apps currently starting migration.

There is nonetheless work to be accomplished, but The Graph hopes to be portion of the infrastructure to make it all take place.

The Graph was born 3 years ago, and it is becoming more genuine just about every day. The decentralized network, or mainnet, launched in December of last year. The subgraphs for the developers launched about two years ago. And in the month of May there have been 25 billion queries alone. To date, The Graph hosted service has accomplished more than 130 billion queries.

“This shows you all the innovation that is happening in Web3,” Kline mentioned.

The Graph Foundation has 5 people today, and Edge &amp Node has 35. On The Graph network there are 150 unique indexers and 7,000 delegators. The neighborhood itself is significantly bigger.

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