Bling enables game devs to give players Bitcoin rewards

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Bling has raised seed funding to allow game developers to give Bitcoin rewards to players who engage with games.

Irvine, California-based Bling’s vision is to make revenue enjoyable by giving an entertaining and threat-no cost way for very first-time crypto customers to enter the market place by playing basic games that reward them with points that can be converted into Bitcoin.

The round incorporated a strategic investment by Coinbase Ventures, which, when the time comes, could be a trusted companion for crypto custody and exchange. Previously, the corporation raised revenue from pre-seed investors like Wavemaker Genesis, Gumi Cryptos Capital, and Blocktower Capital.

Bling is not disclosing the quantity of revenue they raised from Coinbase Ventures. But it was a excellent reward for a corporation that had to do a key pivot and discovered itself providing out Bitcoin to players who are curious about earning revenue playing games. It’s one more instance of what I get in touch with the Leisure Economy, exactly where we all get paid to play games.

“I think one reason why we’ve been so successful is because we’ve made it so easy, like you’re no longer risking your money,” Wan mentioned. “It’s risk free. It’s like a fun experience that you’re you’re earning some Bitcoin, which you don’t really know how to get into it.”

Starting out

The corporation is the brainchild of Wan, a fintech veteran and former securities lawyer, and Dan Rice, a veteran computer software engineer and blockchain and gaming professional. In 2017, Wan was acquiring a lot of calls from crypto entrepreneurs who wanted to do initial coin offerings (ICOs), and they had been later deemed illegal by the Securities &amp Exchange Commission. She stayed away from that. And that was excellent.

She occurred to get pregnant with her very first kid, but she nonetheless had an concept for an chance in clever contracts, which had been automated programmable components on the Ethereum blockchain.

“I was like, ‘What do I have left to lose? Right.’ I’m a solo female pregnant minority founder so I might as well just give it a go,” she mentioned in an interview with GamesBeat. “I reached out to the person who is now my CTO, Dan, and we discussed it. And we found out that we had very similar views on it. So originally, we started off as a dispute-resolution infrastructure company for smart contracts.”

In mid-2018, they raised a pre-seed round of funding that incorporated Miko Matsumura, basic companion at Gumi Cryptos Capital. Wan found that the initial item didn’t match in the market place, as the creators of ICOs had been usually oblivious to dangers and other enterprises didn’t have an understanding of clever contracts.

The largest of pivots

Image Credit: Bling

“We had to sit down and think about closing the business,” Wan mentioned. “Do we actually want to pivot and do something else? So we ended up launching a bunch of different experiments.”

Wan attempted to figure out a safety token. And Rice pursued an concept about games. They told Matsumura that they had been pivoting from legal infrastructure into games and he wasn’t thrilled at very first.

“That was just as the crypto bucket was falling. And we spent a good summer and fall trying to make it work. And then just realize it’s way too much of an uphill battle,” Wan mentioned. “It was early winter 2018 when we realized we needed to actually do something else. Dan has experience in entertainment and gaming companies, as well as fintech. So he went off on the idea that would ultimately work.”

In 2019, they created a game referred to as Bitcoin Blast, which was a basic match-3 game exactly where players earned points that they could turn into Bitcoin. Bling created a platform that consists of a proprietary computer software development kit (SDK) that presents game developers a Bitcoin rewards program, fraud detection, and user worth detection. It never ever spent a cent on advertising. And it began to take off. Then Matsumura became a lot more engaged.

“Since the pivot was such a radical departure, we were naturally concerned,” Matsumura mentioned. “But Amy was ruthlessly methodical about testing ideas and quickly churning through things that didn’t work.”

Other competitors set higher bars, necessary PayPal money outs, and paid in standard U.S. dollars. High transaction charges meant that it took a lot of time just before persons could money out. But Bling let players money out on day one. By applying Coinbase and Bitcoin as the base program, they had been in a position to do really little microtransactions with no transaction charges.

“And today, we have over five million users,” Wan mentioned. “We’re doing over $5 million in annualized revenue. We’ve got six games on Android and one on iOS. And this is kind of a bad word in Silicon Valley, but we’re profitable. We’re having trouble spending that money faster than we’re making it. And we just got an investment from Coinbase. And I’m pregnant again. So I guess every time I get pregnant, I get to raise money.”


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Image Credit: Bling

The titles are basic games like Sweet Bitcoin, Bitcoin Pop, Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Solitaire, and Bitcoin Food Fight. Those games are on Android. And Bitcoin Blast is on each iOS and Android. I played Bitcoin Blast. As I began, it played an ad. Then I played a round of the match-3 game, exactly where I had to match rows of Bitcoin coins. As I won each and every match, I sat by way of video advertisements.

At the finish of a handful of games, I had 1,5,980 Bling points. I was prepared to gather my Bitcoin. I pressed the “cash out” button, and it told me I had a really little quantity. It amounted to a handful of “satoshis.” A satoshi is one hundred millionths of a Bitcoin. I cashed out. Here, you have the solution of sending to a Coinbase account by typing in the e-mail, or building a brand new Coinbase account. It told me I would see the Bitcoin show up in my account inside 24 to 48 hours.

“We have developed a very unique audience of people who have demonstrated that they’re curious [about crypto], but they’re never going to spend 50 hours to really get into and follow the ecosystem,” mentioned Amy Wan, CEO of Bling, in an interview with GamesBeat. “And so I believe we have to build products for them, right. Coinbase, for us, is a very good partner because in many ways they have done the same thing, although for people who are much more speculative. We have a much more lay audience. Maybe they’re not even thinking about this as an investment.”

The Bling platform has seen tremendous organic development in much less than two years, boasting a million month-to-month active customers. The platform makes it possible for these new to cryptocurrency to personal their very first Bitcoin with zero threat, generating it desirable to crypto-curious audiences. In truth, some 70% of its customers report never ever obtaining previously opened a Coinbase account.

“We have found that our player base is literally the crypto curious,” Wan mentioned. “Many of our users have never owned any crypto before, or this is their first exposure to Bitcoin or crypto.”

Expansion possibilities

1625230506 960 Bling enables game devs to give players Bitcoin rewards

Image Credit: Bling

Matsumura mentioned that Bling has been one of the greatest stories of entrepreneurship he has ever seen, and this financing round brings added seasoned and strategic investors to the development and momentum at Bling.

“When we first took the pitch, we were impressed by the rational and clear-thinking Amy Wan as a first-time venture-backed CEO,” Matsumura mentioned. “She proved herself by making a dramatic pivot from smart contract infrastructure to casual mobile gaming, a completely different domain.”

This could go two methods. To scale customers and seriously take on more of a platform infrastructure play, Bling created an internal SDK dubbed the Bling SDK. Other developers can use it and plug it into their games, and it delivers that developer with essentially a Bitcoin reward program, fraud detection, and user worth detection. Those publishers can then get a lot of customers and monetization structure overnight.

Bling also has an chance to take these crypto-curious players and get them to autoinvest a dollar into Bitcoin every single month or what ever. And that could assist them earn cryptocurrency more than time. Other organizations like Acorn have performed that, and that type of company can make revenue in many methods.

With the new round of revenue, the corporation will expand its employees of 11 to more persons. And it will begin testing paid user acquisition. Most of the employees is based close to Irvine in Orange County, but it will probably adopt a hybrid remote work and workplace work routine.

It’s tuogh hiring engineers now simply because most of them want to work remotely and they’re asking for significant salaries, Wan mentioned.

“We’re hearing a lot of interesting stories and trying to figure out how we’re gonna deal with this,” she mentioned. “I want to let people do a lot more remote stuff. But at the same time, I believe that companies that are not able to get their staff to go into the office might end up losing in terms of competitiveness.”

As for items like nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, Wan knows a lot about fintech. But she’s not prepared to dive into them but although the regulatory image is unclear.

“I think the ecosystem concentrates a lot on how technology is so awesome. And they forget a lot of real-world practical things like user behavior or laws and regulations,” Wan mentioned. “I think NFT’s have a future. I think tokens have a future. But the way that they are being utilized right now to me looks much more like a security.”

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