AWS re:Inforce: BigID looks to reduce risk and automate policies for AWS cloud

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Data intelligence platform provider BigID today announced extended auto-detection and automated discovery for AWS accounts and datasets, as well as security and privacy-aware access control for AWS cloud infrastructure. 

Because the average AWS customer has multiple accounts, the addition of the new intelligent access control feature is designed to reduce risk and automate role-based policies across AWS including S3, Redshift, Athena, EMR, and more with extended integrations with AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue, the company said.

Intelligent access for streamlining security with BigID

The intelligence access control feature is important because it simplifies and streamlines data security within AWS — not just finding the data at risk but giving IT the ability to set role-based policies in AWS using intelligence from BigID, said Eran Gewurtz, director of product management, security. 

The idea is to help AWS customers automate intelligent access control to enable and restrict access to their sensitive data while creating business policies based on data sensitivity and context, the company said. Customers can improve their cloud data risk posture and reduce complexity by automatically protecting high-risk data while applying tags and labels to their AWS data based on sensitivity and risk.

Automated discovery to search across the cloud

By providing automated discovery, BigID is aiming to make it easier for organizations to automatically find their accounts and data and extend data protection across the cloud. 

“You can’t protect what you don’t know: Automated discovery gives you a head start on finding the most vulnerable data — and accounts — across an organization,’’ Gewurtz said. This type of granular autodetection layers in automation and machine learning (ML)-powered insight to accelerate actionable data protection in the cloud, he said. 

The new capabilities are designed to let customers automatically find sensitive data, assets and accounts inside AWS without manual processes or configurations. The features are also designed to automatically provision roles and permissions across their multi-account environments to save time and costs and automate data scanning across multiple accounts and data sources.

“Data in the cloud can be tricky to protect: You have to know what it is, whose it is, where it is — and on top of that, you need to configure everything to have the right protection and access controls,’’ Gewurtz said. “Data at risk is a top priority for security teams, and one of the most important issues is how to protect that data.”

Available via the AWS Marketplace, organizations that use AWS Control Tower can now automate the deployment of BigID. These expanded capabilities are geared toward reducing complexity, cost and time-to-insight for organizations managing their data in AWS.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz