AWS partner Logicworks launches cloud reliability platform

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AWS partner Logicworks launched its Cloud Reliability Platform (CRP), a suite of tools designed to develop custom cloud environments for AWS and Microsoft Azure. The solution is designed to enable organizations to move to the cloud and use a prebuilt system to build, automate, and secure infrastructure.

Logicworks estimates that it will onboard 100 customers over the next year and reach $100 million in revenue by the end of 2022.

“Logicworks has long been in the business of transforming businesses, helping them leverage the cloud to fuel innovation and drive long-term success,” Kenneth Ziegler, CEO of Logicworks, told VentureBeat. “As the demand for cloud accelerates, and scarcity of talent continues to rise, Logicworks’ platform fills a critical gap, serving as a cloud force multiplier for our customers that don’t want to permanently employ a systems integrator or incur the high costs of employing large teams of cloud management experts.”

Essentially, the CRP provides technical decision makers with an alternative cloud automation platform that offers customization, integrated tooling, and support from AWS and Azure experts who can help organizations accelerate onboarding cloud services while ensuring they remain compliant with regulations.

“Logicworks helps customers migrate, run, and operate mission-critical workloads on AWS and Azure with security, scalability, and efficiency baked in. Our Cloud Reliability Platform combines world-class engineering talent, policy-as-code, and integrated tooling to enable customers to confidently meet compliance regulations, security requirements, cost control, and high availability,” Ziegler said.

Bid for cloud leadership 

In a sense, Logicworks offers a halfway point between the high cost of building an in-house cloud team, enlisting the services of a consultant service, or purchasing cloud ops solutions from providers like HashiCorp or Datadog. For instance, HashiCorp also provides a cloud automation solution in Terraform, which organizations can use to standardize infrastructure provisioning, but it’s more of a specialized solution than Logicworks CRP.

“Logicworks Cloud Reliability Platform enables (sequence read archive) SRA, compliance, and well-operated cloud operations by integrating automation, tooling, and telemetry with expertise to take action as needed to ensure success. Other solutions in the market are either specific tools that satisfy one area of specialization or consultancies,” Ziegler said.

This strategy of combining a prebuilt cloud automation platform with external support makes sense given that the IT skills gap troubles 80% of managers in North America and 78% of managers worldwide, with many organizations lacking access to cloud expertise.

Pre-built cloud automation 

One of the features that Ziegler claims sets Logicworks apart from other providers in the market is the Infrastructure-as-code (IAC) Template Library, a collection of templates to build environments that are HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, SOC I, SOC II, and ISO 27001 compliant.

These templates integrate with Logicworks tools like Desired State Evaluator, Policy Orchestrator, Image Factory, and Service Manager, so that users can build compliant, up-to-date, and high-performance cloud infrastructure.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz