Avatar Dimension reveals a mobile version of its capture studio

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Avatar Dimension has announced it is launching a mobile, transportable version of its volumetric Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio. It can now be moved and built within other locations.

The studio is primarily for the creation of 3D holographic images. The transportable version has 70 12-megapixel Volucam cameras and Microsoft’s capture and rendering pipeline. Images are captured at scale and the video files are merged to create 3D images to be put into games and other tech.

The moveable studio takes three days to assemble, and is available to customers “from enterprise to military and government agencies, museums, sports, fashion, entertainment and more.” The company opened its primary physical studio in Washington D.C in 2011. According to Avatar Dimension, the studio is one of only a handful in the world.

Dennis Bracy, CEO of Avatar Dimension, said in a statement, “In the past year, we’ve seen a steady growth in interest across movies, music, fashion, video games, training of all types and more for the creation of unique, immersive content featuring truly life-like 3D holograms. Bringing our volumetric capture stage directly to clients, quickly and seamlessly, really opens the door for the many businesses who are interested in growing their audience reach with innovative, mixed reality experiences, but need the capture session to come to them.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz