Atlas VPN: DDoS attacks anticipated to attain 11M by finish of 2021

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According to the information presented by the Atlas VPN group, in the initially half of this year, the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks enhanced by 11% more than H1 2020 figures, totaling 5.4 million. If present trends continue, DDoS attacks are anticipated to attain a record 11 million by the finish of this year.

DDoS attacks use a botnet (a network of compromised computer systems) to flood the victim’s IT infrastructure with a lot of requests, disrupting a victim’s service. Cybercriminals can infect any pc or intelligent device, generating it aspect of a botnet. As the quantity of IoT devices in the world grows, such assaults grow to be much easier to carry out than ever just before.

DDoS attacks have been at their highest at the begin of this year. There have been 972,000 DDoS attacks in January alone, which is larger than any other month. In June, the DDoS attacks reached the lowest point in H1 2021, dropping to 759,000.

Regardless of the slowdown in attacks, the biggest DDoS assault took location in June. Cybercriminals launched a terabyte-class attack aimed at a German net service provider, deploying a DNS reflection/amplification vector. The attacks had a bandwidth of 1.5Tbps — a 169% boost compared to the most substantial attack of H1 2020.

Remote work has opened up new possibilities for cybercriminals. Since the begin of the pandemic, the world has grow to be increasingly reliant on connectivity and net services, generating them a profitable target for threat actors.

With 283,516 DDoS attacks, wired telecommunication carriers have been amongst the most impacted industries, followed by information processing, hosting, and connected services (195,258 attacks) and wireless telecommunication carriers (84,151 attacks).

The figures are based on the Netscout Threat Intelligence Report, which covers DDoS attack trends in the initially half of 2021.

Read the complete report by Atlas VPN.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz