Atari will use Co:Create platform for Web3 gaming tokens

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Atari will be the first company to use Co:Create’s platform for creating tokens for Web3 gaming.

Co:Create’s platform will be used to create the building blocks for tokens based on the Atari X project.

“We are thrilled to be supporting Atari X’s token project,” said Tara Fung, CEO of Co:Create, in a statement. “Their team is truly focused on bringing meaningful utility to their broader user base. This is exactly the use case we started Co:Create to serve. We couldn’t be more excited to have Atari as our first partner.”

Co:Create’s technology provides the building blocks for token rewards and utility, as well as the ongoing support to help projects create token programs that deliver on community expectations. The Co:Create

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platform can be used to design, deploy, manage, and monitor a brand’s native token with highly configurable smart contracts and an easy-to-use dashboard.

The platform enables flexible token configurations based on business goals and community needs. With Co:Create, anyone can deploy EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible smart contracts via a no-code dashboard to launch a token on testnet using only a web browser and a connected wallet. Contracts are fully owned by the project and the platform is free to use.

Co:Create makes it easy to create Web3 tokens.

In the months to come, Co:Create will add new functionality to their platform including token reward and
utility contract expansion, role-based contract permissioning, and additional developer tooling. With the
launch of the Co:Create platform, brands like Atari can use Web3 to expand their ecosystems and foster
deeper community connection.

Co:Create, the first venture from Gesso Labs, is backed by A16z crypto, VaynerFund, Packy McCormick’s Not Boring Capital, Amy Wu, and the teams behind RTFKT and Tessera (formerly

Among game companies, Atari has been one of the most enthusiastic early adopters of blockchain technology, using Web3 to create new ways of interacting and collaborating with its partners, players, and fans. Atari X, Atari’s dedicated Web3 vertical, announced plans to investigate creating a new branded token as an important component in this ecosystem.

“Atari X is focused on building a robust ecosystem that intertwines gaming, community, and utility,” said Tyler Drewitz, head of Atari X, in a statement. “We see Co:Create’s platform as a means to support and deliver on the development of our ecosystem.”

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