As Battlegrounds Mobile India inches towards 50 million download mark Krafton announces thrilling rewards for players

On account of a meteoric rise from the quite very first day of its launch, the Battlegrounds Mobile India is inching towards 50 million downloads in the nation. The maker of the game Krafton is also preparing to shower its marquee players with thrilling rewards and presents on the occasion of touching the 50 million mark. The game which was launched pan India just a month back on July 2 is now on its way to safe 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Readers have to take note that the game would have added quite a few more customers if the game had also been launched for iOS customers as Apple iPhone customers also constitute a big chunk of PUBG fans whose Indian version has been launched by the makers of the game in the kind of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So far as the announcement of rewards goes, Krafton has planned the awards in 3 successive stages as the game touches 48 million downloads, 49 million downloads and at some point 50 million downloads. The firm has mentioned that upon reaching the figure of 48 million mark, all the players of the game will be offered with 3 pieces of Supply Coupon Crate Scrap. Similarly, when the firm reaches the 49 million mark, the players will be showered with 3 pieces of Classic Coupon Crate Scrap and ultimately as the firm tends to make the record of 50 million downloads, the players will be awarded with a permanent reward of Galaxy Messenger Set outfit.

The firm has mentioned that the awards will be out there in-game in the events section and as the game hops from one tally to a further tally, the awards will preserve receiving unlocked automatically for the customers. What is specific about these awards is the truth that the firm is reportedly showering these awards indiscriminately on all the Indian players of the game regardless of the Operating System of their devices. The firm is also anticipated to reward its future iOS customers also with these awards as and when it launches the game for its iOS fans.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz