Apple’s iPhone 13 MagSafe charger spotted on the web ahead of September 14 California Streaming occasion

Apple could be finding prepared to introduce a new version of the iPhone MagSafe charger quickly. The facts comes days ahead of Apple’s September 14 California Streaming occasion.

A new listing for a “Magnetic Charger” on the FCC, spotted very first by blogger Dave Zatz, shows an accessory displaying the new model name of A2548 that otherwise appears practically identical to the Cupertino-based company’s current charger with the A2140 model name. A wide variety of devices have been used to test the new charger. Four of these devices have been marked as “New Phone,” which most most likely correspond to the anticipated iPhone 13 series smartphones anticipated to launch on September 14.

However, there are not numerous hints about what the “charging puck” presents in the FCC documents. According to 9to5Mac, the charger has been tested with the 4 iPhone 12 models (marked on the FFC listing as “Legacy Phone”) and 4 unannounced devices, which could imply that this new MagSafe charger would be compatible with each the iPhone generations.

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The FCC documents also include things like a diagram that shows a pair of AirPods becoming charged by the puck. The current MagSafe charger can technically do this. However, the AirPods case will not magnetically attach to it like the most current iPhones.

According to preceding rumours, the new iPhone series launching this year could get stronger magnets constructed into the backs that could advantage from a tweaked design and style of the MagSafe charger. There have also been rumours of a bigger wireless charging coil, which speculatively could draw greater wattages and improve charging speeds. However, according to the FCC filing, the new charger could offer you the exact same 15W charging speed as the present model, when paired with an iPhone.

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It could also be a minor revision functionally identical to the current charging puck, a tactic Apple has applied ahead of.

Apple is anticipated to announce the new iPhones on September 14. Watch this space for out complete coverage of the occasion.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz