Apple Watch Series 7 launch to be delayed? Apple is reportedly facing production challenges for its new smartwatch

Apple Watch: The time is close for the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, if prior trends are something to go by. But, this year, the tech giant could be in for some challenges. Two separate reports have recommended that Cupertino is facing some challenges in the manufacturing of the new Apple Watch, and this may perhaps trigger a delay in the release of the a great deal awaited smartwatch. The reports have stated that the complexities in the production of the smartwatch pertains to its revamped style, which is tipped to be flat sides and larger screen.

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A report in Nikkei and one more one in Bloomberg stated that even though a smaller-scale production of the new watch had begun, there had been crucial challenges that hindered the enterprise to attain satisfactory overall performance in production, and if we know something about Cupertino, it is that it does not like to compromise on its level of satisfaction from its items.

The production is tipped to have been halted temporarily as the tech giant functions with the suppliers to resolve the challenges just before undertaking mass production.

The new lineup of Apple Watch, which we are referring to as Apple Watch Series 7 as per prior Cupertino nomenclature, is anticipated to have a slightly larger screen – and we imply slightly, simply because as per leaks and rumours, the raise would be by 1mm – and the new models are anticipated to have 41mm and 45mm screen sizes. Apart from this, it is also anticipated to have flatter sides as properly as show and quicker overall performance.

Moreover, as per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the watch is not anticipated to acquire any key overall health upgrades, even though some are reported to be in the functions for the 2022 lineup of Cupertino’s smartwatch.

As per Apple’s trend, a new smartwatch is launched by the enterprise in September every single year. But if there are certainly production challenges, then, if unresolved, this could throw Cupertino off its timeline.

However, Apple has not officially commented on this matter of manufacturing challenges for the upcoming watch.

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