Apple Watch Series 7 does not help quick charging at launch in India

One of Apple Watch Series 7’s marquee feature—fast charging support—will not work correct out of the box in India, Apple confirmed on Friday, exact same day the new Apple Watch went on sale worldwide. In a help web page published on 15th October 2021, Apple notes, “fast charging (on Apple Watch Series 7) is not available in Argentina, India, or Vietnam.” The cause why that is, has not been talked about.

The Series 7 can charge “up to 33 percent faster” compared with the Series 6, Apple says, highlighting this feature clearly on its solution web page in all the regions it will be available—say for instance in the US. More precisely, it can go from -80 % in about 45 minutes.

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For the exact same cause, the Series 7 will ship with a quick USB Type-C charging connector— Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable—in the box. Users will nonetheless want an Apple USB-C energy adapter—rated 18W and above—or third-party USB-C energy adapter with USB-PD—rated 5W or greater—to make complete use of the quick-charging feature.

Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable India on the internet retailer listing

However, in India, Apple is shipping a Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable without the need of quick charging with the Series 7. Interestingly, the Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable is becoming sold separately for Rs 2,900 exact same as the regular cable. Since the quick-charging cable tends to make sense only and only for the Series 7 as all the other Apple Watch models will revert to ‘regular’ charge occasions making use of it, why Apple would list it in its on the internet store—and not have the feature readily available for use—is a small surprising.

TheSpuzz Online has learnt that quick charging is presently not supported on the Series 7 in India at all, even with the correct cable. In other words, it is a hardware limitation that Apple has place in the watch itself. Apple is typically not identified to cap features distinct to distinct markets—except for when it is about 5G radios or something—so there is a slight likelihood that the Series 7 India model may well help quick charging with a compliant cable at some point in time. But as of today, it does not. Whether or not that ends up becoming a deal-breaker for purchasers, is some thing only time will inform.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz