Apple testing iPhones with USB-C port, report says

Apple is testing iPhones that swap its Lightning port for a USB-C, Bloomberg said in a new report.

However, the update will not be seen in this year’s lineup, Apple specialist Mark Gurman said in the report, as the changeover would not happen until 2023. The report follows Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s tweets last week indicating that the Cupertino-based tech giant would swap to USB-C in the latter half of 2023, presumably when the new iPhone lineup is released.

The switch will be a big one for Apple. However, it does not come as a surprise. The company has already moved the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini to USB-C. A European Union proposal in September would require many devices, including smartphones, to include USB-C ports.

In his report, Gurman said this legislation was “a key reason” for Apple moving to consider the change.

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There are added technical benefits of moving to USB-C, which can transfer faster speeds than Lightning. Apple first introduced the Lightning port with the iPhone 5 in 2012.

Rumours over Apple developing a portless iPhone have also been doing the rounds and Gurman said the tech giant had worked on iPhones without a charging port in recent years. However, his latest report doesn’t make any mention of a portless iPhone making an appearance anytime soon.

Apple has found itself in the bloc’s crosshairs several times. The European Commission has accused the company of abusing market dominance for contactless smartphone payments. In the preliminary finding, the commission said the company might have broken competition law.

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If the charges are upheld, Apple faces a fine of up to 10% its global turnover of $36.6 billion, based on its revenue last year. Several other countries, including those in Europe and Asia, have also begun antitrust proceedings against the US giant.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz