Apple sets June 30 deadline to roll out new App Store rules

Apple had announced a plethora of policy changes for the App Store during its developer conference last year. Now, with WWDC 2022 on the horizon, Apple has reminded developers that it was ready to flip the switch on some policy changes that had been previously delayed.

Two App Store changes that Apple has confirmed will take effect from June 30: making it mandatory for apps that offer paid online group services to use its in-app payment system, and a requirement asking developers to offer easy account deletions, including stored personal data, from any app that allows user account creation.

The policy about online group services, such as events or classes, was not part of the announcements at WWDC 2021, but predates the event. Apple has already delayed enforcing the changes three times. The first delay was in 2020 after Facebook complained that it would unfairly impact vulnerable small businesses. The second delay was in spring 2021.

The rule changes were finally set to take effect this January, along with a policy about allowing users to initiate account deletion from inside an app. However, on January 22, Apple pushed the deadline further for both changes to June 30 to provide developers more time to update their apps.

It is unlikely that Apple will push the deadline further, having already sent out reminders. One reminder was a note about the account deletion requirement, but both policies were mentioned on the upcoming changes page for developers.


Apple claims that its devices offer better privacy than others. The brand launched ATT measures to check cross-app tracking on the iPhone, resulting in huge revenue loss for social media companies, such as Twitter and Facebook. Now, users will get the option to delete their personal data from the app for good.

Technology experts hailed the move as app developers tend to store data, even when users leave. Users have no control over how the app developers use their data. Now, the App Store developers will have to offer the option to wipe all the data.

The WWDC 2022 developer conference is scheduled to begin from June 6.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz