Apple pauses iOS 16.2’s Home App upgrade, puts to internal list of issues

Apple has paused the Home architecture update of iOS 16.2 and added it to an internal list of issues typically reserved only for widespread and notable problems, as it caused widespread and systemic issues to users’ HomeKit devices and setup.

According to MacRumors, earlier this month, Apple released iOS 16.2, which included an option for users to update their Home app to a new, more “stable” architecture.

In June, Apple previewed the new architecture, and it was made available as a user-initiated option in an update to the Home app following the release of iOS 16.2.

Despite Apple’s claim that the update would improve the Home app experience, many users reported that their HomeKit devices, scenes, and setups were broken after the update, according to the report.

The widespread problems caused by the update compelled Apple to withdraw it, stating that it would return in the future.

However, the tech giant has added the Home app update to a database of both hardware and software issues internally, a rare move for a software-related problem, said the report.

Moreover, Apple claims its latest update improves the Home app’s performance by offering “faster, more reliable performance”, along with some design tweaks.

It’s unclear when Apple will fix the issues with the update and make it available to users again, the report added.



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