Apple Arcade launches new puzzle game ‘Illustrated’, updates others

Apple Arcade has launched a new puzzle game ‘Illustrated’ which is from the makers of another puzzle game ‘Patterned’, and brought updates to a few games, including ‘Grindstone’.

The new game immerses players in illustrations and the stories behind them, and features creative gameplay that merges jigsaw and word puzzles, the company said in a statement.

Every correctly-placed piece lets the illustration come alive with colour while the words of the story are slowly revealed. In a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for the museum’s 50th anniversary, the new game features select galleries– Van Gogh’s Early Years and Van Gogh in Paris.

The company is also planning to add more galleries from the museum later this year.

So, players can “learn about Van Gogh and his artwork and experience these masterpieces in a way never experienced before.”

Meanwhile, the puzzle-battle game ‘Grindstone’ has been updated with new content. Players can now “take a stab at three new Cosmic Biomes, featuring 45 remix levels from levels 106-150 in the Cosmic Darkside, and also check out the all-new Harry’s Hat Stand” in the puzzle-battle game.

Moreover, in the role-playing game ‘Episode XOXO’, players can skip to Chapters 1-4 of the new story Game of Hearts, where an unexpected encounter will lead players to star athlete Ace Anderson.

In the arcade game ‘Super Leap Day’, players can now “surf wind funnels and tip toe through the clouds in the Windy Skies update. Players can grab their parachutes and ride the currents to avoid a host of new creatures and traps”, the company said.



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