Apple announces the iPadOS 16 features coming later this year

Apple has officially announced iPadOS 16, the latest version of its iPad operating system launching later this year. It shares some of its new features with iOS 16 and macOS, like a redesigned Home app and support for Passkeys in Safari, but it’s also getting some improvements of its own. There’s a new weather app and new collaboration features for Apple’s office productivity suite.

Apple’s first demo focused on collaborative work. You can start collaborating directly from the share sheet in office apps like Pages, allowing other users to jump in and start making edits to a central document. It sounds similar to what Google’s been offering in services like Docs and Sheets for years. Apple is also building collaboration features into Safari, and is offering an API for developers to add similar functionality into their own apps.

The company is yet to officially confirm which iPads the new update will be available for, but last year’s software was available for standard iPads going back to the fifth-generation model from 2017, iPad Minis going back to the fourth-generation model from 2015, iPad Airs going back to the second-generation model from 2014, and every iPad Pro.

The changes come a year after Apple made a series of modest upgrades to its tablet operating system. iPadOS 15 saw the iPad inherit the app library and homescreen widget features introduced to the iPhone’s iOS the previous year. The tablet update also added new icons designed to make it easier to use its Split Screen multitasking feature.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz