Apex Legends S15 reveals new Broken Moon map and more

Respawn Entertainment has released new details on upcoming content for the new Apex Legends season. Dubbed Apex Legends: Eclipse, the new season will introduce players to a new map and more.

Broken Moon – new map

EA’s hero-focused battle royale title is going to the moon for Season 15. The map will likely be the second or third largest map, about 15% smaller than the previous map released — Storm Point.

Broken Moon will send players to what remains of Cleo, an in-game moon that was struck by a prophesized comet 30 years ago. After this destruction, the moon became a hub of terraforming research. Players will be able to explore 16 points of interest — such as the Stasis Array Net, the Perpetual Core and the Eternal Gardens — that showcase the way of life of the broken moon’s inhabitants.

Respawn was inspired by the duality of the light and dark sides of the moon. The themes and contrast of heaven and hell influenced many of the locations on the map. Ed Agostini, world director for Apex Legends’ Broken Moon, said the team drew inspiration from Monet paintings for the heavenly aesthetic. Meanwhile, the team also drew inspiration from African cultures to align with the culture of Boreas, the planet Cleo orbits.

Broken Moon will delight players who want to roam the map. Respawn has introduced Zip Rails, a new form of fast travel that will allow players more freedom to loot points of interest across the map.

“One of the major goals that we had was to shake up the traditional flow of a match. Generally, squads will land towards the edge of the map and move towards the center,” explained Jeff Shaw, lead level designer of Apex Legends’ Broken Moon. “We introduced this new zip rail system which allows squads to rotate and flank. We want games to feel different match to match.”

Broken Moon will be the fifth battle royale map released by EA’s Respawn Entertaiment.

Gifting and Stickers

Respawn is also adding new cosmetics and gifting support on November 1.

Players can now add stickers to their healing items in Apex Legends

Starting in Season 15 players will be able to earn a stickers that they use to decorate their healing items. This new cosmetic category will allow players further self-expression.

The developer is also adding gifting support to Apex Legends just in time for the holidays. Players can use the game’s premium currency to purchase bundles and cosmetics for their in-game friends. Players can gift cosmetics without region locks.

With Season 15 just starting, there’s no doubt that Apex Legends will have more news for fans soon.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz