Anzu teams up with Roblox creators for in-game advertisements

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Anzu is teaming up with Roblox creators to create in-game marketing on the Roblox gaming platform.

Anzu stated that its dynamic in-game ad option is now obtainable to creators of games and other experiences on the Roblox platform. With this option, Anzu hopes to open substantial new income streams for Roblox creators, who typically get billions of plays for their games in the Roblox world, which draws more than 43 million every day active players who come to the platform’s immersive user-generated 3D worlds.

Roblox requires about half the income for the player spending for games on the platform, so it is fantastic for developers to drum up other methods of creating income. This also enables international brands to attain Roblox’s profitable audience.

Jamie Gutfreund, ex-international chief promoting officer at kids customer entertainment solutions organization MGA Entertainment, stated in a statement, “Roblox has the potential to become one of gaming’s most valuable and engaging environments for brands. Managing safety and privacy for kids will be critical to long-term success, but for marketers, learning how to deliver entertaining experiences in the Metaverse will become a fundamental strategy to earn relationships with fans worldwide.”


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Anzu’s gaming buyers include things like Ubisoft, Microsoft Xbox, Next Wave Multimedia, and Amanotes, the No. 1 mobile apps publisher in Southeast Asia. Anzu now permits Roblox creators to integrate its blended advertisements that turn out to be element of the gameplay into their titles and leverage them to monetize and boost engagement prices although preserving the gameplay knowledge.

Itamar Benedy, CEO of Anzu, stated in a statement, “Today marks an important milestone on our road to building a cross-platform advertising solution that reaches players no matter where they are or what they are playing on. We are thrilled by the interest and uptake we’ve already seen from both Roblox’s creators and some of the world’s leading brands and agencies which are extremely excited to be part of Roblox’s vision of becoming a true metaverse, representing the future of how people learn, play, work, consume entertainment, try on and shop fashion, and interact with brands.”

This incorporates dynamic banner advertisements on lots of distinctive virtual objects, such as the side of buildings and virtual roadside billboards. Its SDK technologies also delivers higher-high quality direct site visitors with full handle more than ad placements.

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This sophisticated technologies, coupled with Anzu’s relationships with top brands such as PepsiCo, Samsung, and Vodafone and backed up by the world’s biggest marketing agency WPP, has currently led them to sign partnerships with numerous well-known Roblox creators, bringing in-game marketing to games such as, Work at a Pizza Place, Speed Run 4, Wacky Wizards, and Fashion Famous. Over the coming months, Anzu plans to bring its technologies to 40 more experiences.

Michael Sligh, the creator of Work at a Pizza Place, stated in a statement, “We look forward to seeing real-world brand ads appear within our games as players will be able to experience them just like they do in the real world, adding a sense of realism to our gameplay. They will also provide us with an additional revenue stream without taking anything away from how players experience games, allowing us to spend more time improving them and building out new ones that the Roblox community can fall in love with.”

Anzu put Vodafone's ad inside Trackmania game.

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Admix, which competes with Anzu in the game ad space, stated its personal survey confirmed that game advertisements are on the rise. The survey found 81% of media purchasers program to either retain or boost in-game marketing invest more than the next 12 months, with 93% intending to run some kind of in-game marketing by 2025.

Key drivers include things like the swiftly building infrastructure behind in-game marketing, with increases in the availability of programmatic possibilities, third-party verification for in-game marketing overall performance, and an boost in the availability of in-game inventory.

However, a fifth of media purchasers cited a lack of understanding as the most significant cause for not investing in in-game marketing, with 31% taking into consideration it a grey region. About 60% of respondents felt consoles presented more premium video game inventory than mobile. However, a third identified casual mobile games as becoming premium – narrowly larger than any other in-game atmosphere.

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