Amazon is about to announce a bunch of new products

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Amazon has some new products on the way. The company is holding an invite-only, virtual event today, where it’s expected to introduce products from across its lineup of brands.

Chances are, there’s going to be a lot to see. Amazon is unusually good at keeping its upcoming releases under wraps, and it usually uses its annual September event to announce a lot of new products. Those could come from Amazon’s own product lineup — which includes the Kindle, Fire TV, and Echo — and from some of its acquired brands, like Eero, Ring, and Blink.

The Echo is the big one to keep an eye on. It’s been a while since we saw new updates for the Echo, which last saw a new version of its standard and Dot models in 2020. The Kindle just saw a major update to its entry-level model, but it’s been around three years since the higher-end Oasis was updated. The Fire TV Stick just got an update last year, but it is possible Amazon could have other parts of the Fire TV ecosystem it wants to update.

Then there’s Ring and Eero. Those product lines are a lot harder to predict. But if we do see them, there’s a good chance they’ll continue to build out the product ecosystems they’ve already been working on since they’ve had fairly recent additions to some of their key products.

The event is being livestreamed on an invite-only basis, so it’s not open to the public. The Verge will be covering the event as it happens, giving you updates as they come in through our live blog. The event kicks off at 9AM PT / 12PM ET.

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