Alteryx simplifies data analysis with its latest browser-based feature

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California-based Alteryx, which offers an end-to-end platform for analytics automation, is taking another step toward simplifying data analysis for enterprises. The company today announced it has opened early access to a new experience, called Designer, in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. It is a move that will give analysts and other data users a no-code, browser-based interface to work with.

With the new feature, Analytics Cloud will be accessible to users via any web browser in a drag-and-drop, no-code fashion. This will enable data users to build easy-to-use workflows to prepare, blend and analyze data. It will improve accessibility to allow companies to generate insights required to drive better outcomes.

“That means once you sign up, you can connect your data and start building workflows in minutes with no software to deploy or manage. Use any device from Macs to Chromebooks to build workflows today from anywhere. Additionally, we made it even easier to prep and blend and start identifying insightful analytics from your data in our re-imagined Designer experience,” the company notes on its website.

The solution speeds up the time to insights. In fact, Genomics England, which analyzes sequenced genomes for the NHS and then equips researchers to use data to help find the cause of disease, claims that adopting the Designer interface helped them cut delivery times by 50%.


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“We needed a platform that could support us in carrying out this vital work without interrupting our day-to-day operations,” Thomas Oscroft, head of data operations at Genomics England, said in a press release. “The Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform checked all the boxes because it was low-code, cloud-based, secure, robust and scalable. Adopting Designer Cloud has helped us cut our delivery times by 50%, even while the company was scaling. It helps us get real-time information faster, make better decisions and democratize analytics.”

Streamlined data analysis

As Alteryx claims, the Designer experience is not only fast and web-based, but it is also optimized for cloud data platforms. This means that users of the new interface will get automated and visual in-database processing for platforms like Snowflake, allowing analysts to perform data analysis directly where the information resides to unlock insights quickly and at a potentially lower cost. 

“Snowflake’s partnership with Alteryx makes it easier and more accessible for our joint customers to transform big data into actionable insights,” Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake, said. “With its intuitive analytics and in-database processing on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform, the Alteryx Analytics Cloud provides advanced analytics and data science innovation in the cloud, which helps our customers get ahead of market demands by making strategic business decisions faster.” 

The Designer experience also includes built-in scheduling capabilities, which allow users to automate workflows for data analysis with minimal effort.

No word on wider availability

Currently, the Designer experience is accessible to select Alteryx customers. The company has not confirmed when it plans to roll out the interface more broadly but it will be using the feedback of early users to further refine the offering.

Additionally, the company will be adding more tools, features and data connectors to it on a weekly basis throughout the program. 

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz