All You Need to Know About Tampa Parking 

Parking downtown tampa

Tampa never disappoints with its vast number of attractions and beautiful placement in the heart of Florida’s gulf coast. With an estimated population of around 400,000, Tampa’s economy is primarily driven by tourism, and it would not be surprising to know that hundreds of visitors frequent Tampa. This does create an issue of parking concerns in Tampa, with vehicles competing against each other to take hold of vacant street parking spaces. The division of Mobility Department, which is responsible for monitoring and enforcement of Tampa parking, is pretty efficient in their job and is quick to issue Tampa parking tickets for violations. There are approximately 11,500 off-street parking garages and more than 2100 on-street parking. However, these often tend to be inadequate to manage the many people arriving in Tampa during peak tourist season. If you are someone who always finds it difficult to get Tampa parking garages, here are some quicks that help you find Tampa parking. Following these simple tips and tricks let you get guaranteed parking at locations like Ybor City, Channelside, Hyde Park, and Central Business District.  

Make Use of City-Owned Tampa Parking Garages  

Contrary to most cities, the city of Tampa features ten city-owned parking garages and nine city-owned surface lots which collectively comprise 12,169 parking spaces. These are easier to park at and offer certain features that an average public parking garage or lot does not provide. Going for Tampa parking at the city-owned parking garages ensures that you get access to Downtown Tampa parking for some of the best rates. There are approximately 1,900 parking spaces in downtown Tampa and Ybor City, which offer easy access and premium services for affordable rates. Daily Tampa parking rates across most of the lots generally range between $1 – $2 with a daily maximum of $9 – $12 per day.  

Look Out for Residential Parking Zones  

There are plenty of Residential Parking Zones spread out across the city next to most of the prime neighborhoods in Tampa. Parking at any of these residential parking zones will result in expensive Tampa parking tickets and even result in your car getting towed away by the parking enforcement. Residential parking zones are usually marked by signboards denoting the same. Make sure you keep an eye out for the signboards before leaving your Tampa parking zone. 

Consider Booking Your Parking Ahead of Travel 

In busy cities like Tampa, it’s always best to make your Tampa parking reservations well in advance before heading out. Because there are limitations to the total number of parking spaces across Tampa, most of the good spots get sold out within minutes regardless of whether these spaces are Tampa parking garages or lots. If you book a spot in advance, you can travel without worrying about having to find parking garages and only get access to premium services like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, around-the-clock lot assistance, and camera surveillance facilities. Rates are also comparatively affordable and only cost $2 – $3 more than what you would pay at parking garages. The best thing about going to Tampa parking garages is that you would never have to worry about parking tickets or getting towed. 

Follow Tampa Parking Rules and Regulations  

The Parking Division of Tampa that enforces and operates Tampa parking is one of the most efficient parking authorities in the country. If you are not aware of parking rules and restrictions, it’s essential to take note and spend time learning the fundamentals. As a general rule of thumb, you need to follow all the basic rules and regulations at all times. Always park at least 15 feet away from fire hydrants, and never park your car on crosswalks, restricted parking zones, or spaces reserved for disabled parking. You are also not allowed to park in front of residences, public or private driveways. If your drive an oversized vehicle, you also need to be careful about oversized parking restrictions. All vehicles over the legal size of 86 inches are not allowed to go for street parking in Tampa.   

Tips to Avoid Tampa Parking Tickets  

There are plenty of ways to avoid expensive Tampa Parking tickets. As Florida is a city that follows a colored curb parking system, you need to be aware of what different colored curbs mean for parking in Tampa. If you are not sure about what a different colored curb stands for, here is a quick guide about what each colored curb means.

Yellow Curbs: Contrary to most cities, yellow curbs are no parking zones! These are mostly found next to intersections and fire hydrants. If you notice a yellow curb, don’t mistake it as a temporary parking zone or loading zone like in other cities. You will get an expensive Tampa parking ticket for that.   

Yellow-White Striped Curbs: Curbs that have yellow or white stripes painted diagonally are also no parking zones. These are earmarked as safety zones and fire lanes, and only vehicles that serve this purpose are allowed to use this lane for drive-throughs and Tampa parking.   

Blue Curbs: These are parking zones earmarked for disabled people. You are only allowed to park here if you have a valid disabled parking permit. Any vehicle that does not have the disabled parking permit or does not display it correctly will receive a Tampa parking ticket.   

Apart from following the colored curb system, it is also best to make sure that you settle a parking violation sooner rather than carry it over for later. When you receive a fine, the Tampa parking ticket will let you know about the amount you need to pay. If you fail to pay the fine within 14 days after the date of issue, you can receive an expensive Tampa parking ticket that will cost you double the amount of your initial fine.   

These are some of the critical points you need to be aware of when it comes to finding parking in Tampa. If you still end up having trouble with Tampa parking, it’s high time you start pre-booking Tampa parking garages online through popular parking portals. Most of these parking garages also come with amenities meant to improve your overall parking experience and security. Following these parking hacks also ensures that you get Downtown Tampa parking without any unnecessary hassles.