Alfred launches the first wirelessly charge smart deadbolt lock

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The first wirelessly powered smart deadbolt is launching later this year — without wireless power. The Alfred DB2S is the first DIY-installable smart lock that can charge via infrared power transmission, and Alfred says it’ll be available for $299 at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other retailers in early Q2.

There’s a slight catch, though: that $299 doesn’t get you wireless charging, at least not yet. For that, you’ll need a Wi-Charge charging kit, which won’t be available through consumer channels until the second half of 2023 at the earliest. Pricing for the kit has not been set.

The charging kit, when it’s available, will consist of a replacement backplate with a built-in Wi-Charge receiver, as well as a transmitter that requires continuous power and line-of-site to the lock. It uses infrared energy to safely transmit power over up to 30 feet and can power multiple devices at once. Wi-Charge co-founder Ori Mor says the tech is FDA-approved.

The rear housing of the Alfred DB2S contains a Li-Ion battery that runs for up to 11 months on a charge. It can charge via USB-C, or wirelessly with a Wi-Charge kit when available.
Image: Alfred

Until the Wi-Charge receiver and transmitter arrive, the DB2S can get by with the included rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, which Alfred says gets nine to 11 months between charges. It also only takes two to three hours to recharge with a standard USB-C phone charger. 

The wireless charging integration seems to be the main difference between the $299 DB2S and the $199 Alfred DB2, which you can buy in stores today. The DB2 has a touchscreen keypad and works over Bluetooth, with Z-Wave available via an add-in module and Wi-Fi with a separate $59 bridge for connection to smart home systems, including Alexa and Google Home. The DB2S will have all of the above, plus support for RFID cards as well as Zigbee (and the wireless charging, of course). Alfred says that Matter integration is on its roadmap. At least you’ll have a pretty decent smart lock, then, even if the wireless charging part never materializes.

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