Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X: This speaker looks and sounds classy

Many people are in love with vintage looking speakers these days, especially those who grew up in the late 60s and early 70s. Their memory goes back to the times when Ameen Sayanni used to present his Binaca Geetmala programme on Radio Ceylon. Even otherwise, radio sets and speakers from that era used to have fantastic bass and clarity. My point is, from the warm sound to the wood fragrance there is something unique about old-time speakers that people love. And, the major reason old-time speakers are making a comeback is precisely to rekindle the old romance associated with them; they also make a perfect piece of decoration for many as well.

Aiwa, the iconic consumer electronics brand from Japan, has brought out one such innovation—MI-X 150 Retro Plus X. This is a feature loaded Bluetooth speaker with unique design and high-end functionality, priced at Rs 24,990. MI-X 150 Retro Plus X is designed to look as good as it sounds—it is portable, comes with high power rechargeable batteries and can be used both at home and the outdoors. Its vintage wooden appearance makes it a perfect decor idea, giving your room a timeless, retro look that many people yearn for.

Company officials inform that MI-X 150 Retro Plus X reflects Aiwa’s best sound-first philosophy. Built with advanced technology and top-notch audio components, MI-X 150 Retro Plus X delivers a very good audio performance. It is also equipped with high efficiency amplifiers—class H & AB and Dual-link technology that significantly improve the quality of audio.

Take my word, this speaker’s size is phenomenal, and this makes it ideal both for large and small rooms. When it comes to its functionality, you will love that it is built with advanced components and design to give you a balanced and highly clarified audio, even at the highest levels. In the box, you’ll get the Bluetooth speaker that comes with retro look with real wood finish, charging cable, 3.5mm line-in Aux cable and a handle. The speaker comes with knobs for easy voice control, as mentioned before it has a wireless option, and it provides you with a pretty clean and precise voice.

Here’s a quick look at some of its key features. It has playback time of five hours (100% volume), charging time of nine hours, charging is via DC5V/2A(Type C), Bluetooth version is V5.0, there’s a built-in Mic for phone calls, playback mode is Bluetooth, AUX-IN or via USB. It has power output of 2 x 40W, there’s a built-in Lithium Ion 11.1V/ 6000mA battery and there is frequency response of 125 Hz-16KHz.

In real-time usage, you can connect it with your computer, smartphones or tablets. Trust me, it is an extremely easy to use device. Switched on and connected to the mobile phone, you can experience stereo surround sound and crystal clear balanced audio with powerful sound output. The speaker’s architecture makes it excellent for showoff and you will love the audio quality from this system. The bass is carefully balanced. Other than serving as a perfect complement to your home decor, this Aiwa speaker’s wooden finish boosts its durability. Overall a fantastic retro looking Bluetooth speaker.

Dimensions: 300 x 180 x 180mm
Speaker size: 5 inch x 1 + 2 inch x 2
Function: Bluetooth, USB, AUX IN, TWS, DSP Phone Call, Power Display
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v5.0
Output power (RMS) : 40W x 2
Frequency response: 125 Hz-16KHz
Signal to noise ration: >60dB
Charging power: DC 5V/2A (Type C charging)
Estimated street price: Rs 24,990

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz