AI lifecycle management startup launches ready-made ML pipelines

Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here., the Intel-owned startup that offers a full-stack platform to help enterprises manage AI models and build auto-adaptive machine learning pipelines, has announced an open-source suite of ready-to-use ML pipelines.

Officially dubbed AI Blueprints, the library brings a curated collection of verified ML model APIs and customizable pipelines – with data connectors and deployment options – focused on easy integration between data sources and targets. According to the company, the library’s components can run on any infrastructure, enabling software developers to quickly create enhanced AI applications aimed at solving business or product problems.

For instance, a developer could leverage AI Blueprints to apply sales forecasting directly on Salesforce data or perform text classification on their Snowflake data warehouse. They get the option to use the pipeline as is or modify it to fit their specific needs. claims to have built the entire AI Blueprints offering considering the bottlenecks and engineering challenges that come up while putting ML in production. At the core, the library is powered by the company’s cloud-native AI platform Cnvrg Metacloud but the job of driving the library and growing it rests on the community of developers. 

Currently, said, the library hosts over 100 components for dozens of AI use-cases but the number is expected to grow as more and more organizations host their repository of blueprints to democratize their work. 

“AI Blueprints is our way of enabling data scientists to share their work easily and help organizations to keep up with the demand, and apply more AI to more use-cases,” Yochay Ettun, CEO and co-founder of, noted. “The AI Blueprints are developer-friendly, open-source, and fully customizable – enabling any developer to easily add ML to their applications.”

Globally, a number of organizations are already looking at AI and ML as a way to drive efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. According to Forrester, the AI software market will grow to $37 billion by 2025. But, deploying AI systems comes with its own set of challenges, starting with the shortage of talented developers to the engineering complexity of putting models in production. This is where the new library, set to be generally available in the first half of this year, will come into play. has also announced hands-on AI Blueprints workshops to assist developers with the new product and help them build their own end-to-end AI solution. The company was acquired by Intel in 2020 and had previously raised about $8 million from multiple investors, including Hanaco Venture Capital and Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz