Agora: 90% of Gen Z now working with apps with interactive live video

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90% of Gen Z is now working with apps with interactive live video according to a new study by Agora, which polled more than 1,000 Gen Z U.S. shoppers on their use of “real-time engagement” — normally referred to as RTE — technologies more than the last year.

RTE refers to digital experiences that are interactive, collaborative and shared, by means of live video, live audio and extended reality (AR or VR). For instance, students in an education app want to see classmates customers in a dating app want to see possible partners, and purchasers in a purchasing app want to speak to sellers.

Whether it be Twitch or TikTok, Agora’s study identified that Gen Z are increasingly relying on RTE video or audio features in the apps they use. In reality, 87% are working with more apps with constructed-in interactive live video streaming or calling. Meanwhile, 62% have attempted apps with interactive live audio streaming, capturing the expanding recognition of services like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

Agora also identified RTE technologies was more significant for particular categories of apps. When asked if interactive video or audio have been significant for their gaming apps, for instance, 69% — more than two-thirds — agreed. Beyond gaming, Gen Z desires RTE integrated into their ecommerce and retail apps. Seventy % stated they would choose retailers to supply AR and VR so that they can test and attempt goods at home prior to shopping for.

This survey was performed by developer platform Agora in August, 2021 and integrated more than 1,000 Gen Z respondents in the U.S. The findings have been released ahead of true-time engagement and developer conference RTE2021.

Read the complete report by Agora.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz