Adobe to roll out Camera Raw assistance for Photoshop on iPad here’s how it will work

Adobe is arranging to roll out Camera Raw assistance to the iPad version of Photoshop. It has also demonstrated how the feature performs in a hands-on video for its customers. Ryan Dumlao, who is a senior solution manager for Photoshop on iPad, displayed how Camera Raw can be operated to edit RAW and DNG images that are straight imported from the camera, or ProRAW files from iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro.

Camera Raw feature enables customers with sophisticated RAW image editing inside Photoshop. Dumlao’s video demonstration shows how a user can edit images with the aid of many settings and exposure inside Photoshop. The video also shows features that can carry out many tasks like removing person tree branches, adjusting the colour of a precise object in the photo an individual is editing.

The Camera Raw feature in the Photoshop for iPad can considerably expand the photo editing expertise and photo editing capabilities for iPad owners who use Photoshop app. The business, Adobe, has not however made any official announcement about the release of this feature but has mentioned it is “coming soon”.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz