A new video shows how your voice can help you fight zombies in Dead Island 2

In a prerecorded and staged skit (the conceit is that the people in the video are actually on the run from zombies and just so happen to find a working copy of Dead Island 2), the video showed how certain voice commands will activate certain actions in the game. “Hey zombie” gets the attention of a nearby zombie in-game. “Get me my ax” has the player draw an ax that is shooting fire for some reason. “Time to go loco” activates some kind of super mode.

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While the feature looks entertaining on video, we’ll have to wait and see if Alexa Game Control in Dead Island 2 is actually useful or if it’s just a gimmick. The long-in-development game is finally scheduled to launch on April 28th. The game is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games Store, though Alexa Game Control will only work on Xbox and PC.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz