A Dungeons & Dragons TV show is coming to Paramount Plus

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In a likely bid to capitalize on the growing popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, Deadline reports that Paramount has picked up a live-action Dungeons & Dragons series for its Paramount Plus streaming service. The series is set to be eight episodes long, with Rawson Marshall Thurber, the writer and director of Red Notice (Netflix’s huge action hit starring Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds), writing the pilot script and directing the first episode.

This new Dungeons & Dragons show apparently had interest from “multiple buyers,” according to Deadline. To me, that’s not too surprising; the game has become increasingly popular thanks to shows like Stranger Things and Critical Role (I personally got interested in it because of The Adventure Zone). And there will likely be even more eyes on the game very soon thanks to the celebrity-filled Dungeons & Dragons movie, Honor Among Thieves, which is set to debut on March 31st, so Paramount could have a lot of people tuning in to this upcoming live-action show.

The new series will also make Paramount Plus an even more appealing subscription service for nerds, as it will join a lineup that already includes Halo (which is getting a second season), Star Trek, and Nickelodeon hits like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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