A Day Off Twitch gave the platform its lowest viewer hours of 2021

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On Wednesday, streamers and viewers boycotted Twitch as component of an organized protest, A Day Off Twitch. Users wanted to highlight the platform’s difficulties with harassment, notably the surge in “hate raids.” The raid feature lets a streamer send their viewers to a channel. Some have abused this to target POC content creators with waves of racist and hateful messages.

With statistics from the analytics group at Gamesight, we can study the effect the protest had. As you can see from the chart above,  Twitch lost about 1 million viewers in the course of the protest, and the quantity in fact represent the site’s lowest total for the year.

“We’ve compared yesterday’s data to bigger-picture averages as well as daily Wednesday engagement [to account for streamers who regularly take this day off] throughout the last two months, and we certainly view yesterday’s overall viewer hours as a notable anomaly,” stated Gamesight CEO Adam Lieb. “The last time daily viewer hours on Twitch were this low was back over in Christmas during December 2020; this is the lowest viewer hours have been for all of 2021.”

You can see September 1’s numbers compared to prior Wednesdays on Twitch in the chart under.


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Image Credit: Gamesight

September 1 has 54,877,853 viewer hours. That is a bit more than 15% decrease than the 65,167,792 viewer hours from the preceding Wednesday. Some streamers couldn’t engage in the protest, as some have contractual obligations with Twitch or sponsors that call for them to stream. Otherwise, the drop could have been greater.

All of this is to say that the protest did make a distinction. Today, Twitch has sent an e mail out to creators noting that it has heard the criticism and that it is working on measures to address hate raids.

Of course, promises of future assistance do practically nothing to assistance these suffering from the difficulty ideal now, and the tools that Twitch provides in the meantime clearly do tiny to shield its content creators. For numerous, it is not sufficient.

Hopefully, the genuine assistance will be coming quickly.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz