A closer look at the beautiful sci-fi art behind Love, Death and Robots

Over the course of three seasons, the sci-fi anthology Love, Death and Robots has covered quite a bit of ground. There are episodes about drowned giants, cute robots exploring humanity’s post-apocalyptic remains, Moebius-inspired fever dreams, and a lot more. The animated shorts oscillate between realistically dark and gritty to disarmingly cute and colorful.

Creating such variety, naturally, involved a lot of artistic exploration — and you can explore much of it in a new collection from Titan Books that covers all three seasons of the show. That means you can check out variations of the frozen city featured in season 1’s “Ice Age,” or the monster designs for “Sucker of Souls,” or all of the beautiful creatures from “Fish Night.” More recently, there’s some beautiful art of the stunning costumes and jewelry from the season 3 episode “Jibaro” and incredible landscape paintings from my personal favorite episode, “The Very Pulse of the Machine.” (For more on that episode, check out our interview with director Emily Dean.) The book even provides insight into the clever graphic design that ties all of the disparate episodes and art styles together.

You can check it all out for yourself in The Art of Love, Death and Robots, which is available starting September 6th in North America. In the meantime, check out a selection of art featured in the book below.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz