Cheapest car insurance in California

When it comes to car insurance, as a car owner in California, you must be dreading the infamous auto insurance rates. You must be wondering what premium you would be charged with once you opt for the car insurance. If you think that we have the correct answer, we are sorry. Not just us, but no one has the correct answer of what cheap car insurance would be for a California-based car owner.  

There is no easy answer. Getting affordable car insurance for yourself would depend on the type of research you do and your driving history status. We can suggest a few methods to get yourself cheap car insurance in California regardless of your circumstances. 

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California is home to all forms of drivers searching for reliable insurance coverage from San Jose Santa Monica. In California, there’s cheap auto insurance—you need to know where you can look. Car insurance quotes are customized and based on various variables. The rates of a driver outside Santa Clarita are different from the ones in Freemont. 

One of the only rules in the world of car insurance is to compare car insurance costs. You might be tempted to go for car insurance based on the recommendation of your friend or family. But always keep in mind that car insurance premiums will vary from person to person depending on one’s variable. If you use a price comparison site or need quotes from companies manually, never stop the first bid you get. The more you compare car insurance quotes, the better chance you will get affordable and the best car insurance in California. 

Average car insurance rate in California  

California’s average auto insurance is 20% higher than the national average. The total cost of car insurance is $614 a year, including the following elements for minimum coverage: 

  • $15000 per individual body injury liability 
  • $30000 body injuries compensation insurance by accident 
  • Coverage or $5000 per accident for property damages 

If you opt for full coverage on your car insurance, you will pay about $1824 a year. Full coverage usually covers comprehensive insurance, collision, or financing. 

Car insurance companies ruling California in various categories  

We have found the following car insurance companies as the best ones for you in California. These car insurance companies will offer you relatively lower rates and also the best customer satisfaction. 


Headquartered in Canada, Wawanesa in California is one of the best car insurance companies. Wawanesa may have an average rating in other states, but in California, Wawanesa is above the competition. Wawanesa outscores its competitors in California in consumer satisfaction claims handling, coverage and pricing, and more. Wawanesa provides prospective car owners all the standard coverage required for car insurance. But the car insurance company does not have any unique add-ons like the other car insurance companies in California. Wawanesa is a decent auto insurance option in California if you want basic coverage from a customer-first car insurance company. 


If you are looking for the most affordable coverage for either complete or minimal, go for GEICO. The rates offered by GEICO are almost unbeatable. GEICO provides a range of discounts for items such as clean record driving, vehicle safety, and quality. Besides regular coverage, you can get additional forms on your car insurance coverage, including roadside assistance, rental refunds, and classic automobile coverage. GEICO also provides mechanical loss coverage insurance equivalent to a more extended guarantee to protect the vehicle if a mechanical failure occurs due to regular use. 

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USAA is California’s best choice for military families. The auto insurance company performs consistently well on the cost and customer support sector surveys. USA car insurance policies are available to military, veterans, and family members. It might be an excellent way to get a quote from USAA if you qualify. USAA tends to deliver some of the lowest insurance rates for minimal or maximum coverage by Californian drivers. Good students, sound drivers, low-mileage drivers, and many more will get discounts.  

USAA also provides some additional coverage, such as accident remission and auto substitution assistance.  

State Farm  

State Farm is a perfect option for California car insurance students and young drivers. The insurer gives the student a generous 25% discount for up to 25 years. The State Farm’s Steer Clear Initiative also provides young, risky drivers an opportunity for more savings in auto insurance. California premiums may be expensive, but State Farm’s prices and incentives make young drivers’ coverage more affordable. 


Mercury is a car insurance company available in very select states across the United States of America. Mercury is one of the cheapest options for car-owners. Car owners in California prefer Mercury as the rates are lower compared to the other car insurance companies. Of all the car insurance companies, Mercury offers the most discounts for car owners. 

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If you have a DUI on your driving record, there is a high probability of a chance that you will be either rejected when you apply for car insurance or get car insurance with a high premium. In this situation, if you opt for Mercury, you will pay about $975 annually. But if you opt for GEICO, then expect the rates to be over 2000 dollars. 

California is one of the only states in the US that do not discern between genders. In some states, the car insurance rates will be lower for a female driver, but the rates will be higher for a male driver. The new legislation in California ensures that the pricing system of insurance firms does not include gender discrimination. 

GEICO provides California’s lowest average driver rates at $438 annually. The other car insurance companies like Progressive, State Farm, and Mercury all fall behind GEICO when it comes to cheaper alternatives. If you want full coverage in car insurance, opt for GEICO because it is priced at $1432, which is the lowest of all. Mercury stands at second priced at $1487

If you have a teen driver in your family or a teen driver, go for Wawanesa. For a young driver, Wawanesa is priced at $2080 annually. The alternative to Wawansea is Grange Insurance Association which is priced at $2325 per year. You can reduce your annual premium if you opt for minimum coverage of your car insurance in California. 

If you are a 40-year-old driver, then you will get a car insurance premium at a lower rate. If you have a more extended driving history, then you are in luck. Car insurance providers might prefer some older drivers with a more extended driving history. Your driving distance will, however, also affect your final price. GEICO at $395, CSAA at $411, Grange Insurance Association at $450 annually, and the highest premium rates for a 40-year-old driver. 

When you hit the grand age of 65, your car insurance premium will look better for you. But post the age of 65, you will be seen at a higher risk level. That, in turn, will increase your car insurance premium. 

Unlike other states, car insurance companies in California do not use your credit score to finalize your car insurance premium. 

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Here are a few more tips for choosing the best car insurance in California for you

  • Set your deductible in line with your car budget. 
  • Look for a discount that has a safe driver option. 
  • Drive carefully to avoid violation history on your record. 
  • Do not opt for unnecessary coverage just because you have a gut feeling. Access the situation and go for the minimum coverage you need.