8BitDo launches a wired Xbox controller

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The peripheral maker 8BitDo is expanding its offerings with its first Xbox-style gamepad. Beginning today, you can preorder the 8Bitdo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox for $45. It starts shipping May 31.

That Xbox-style means 8BitDo is embracing offset analog sticks for the first time. The company has previously relied on symmetrical stick placement like a PlayStation DualSense or Nintendo Pro Controller. In addition to the sticks and the cord, the new gamepad includes the following features as well:

  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Remappable buttons using 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software on Xbox, Windows, Android, or iOS
  • 2 back paddle buttons
  • Trigger vibrations

The company also promises that it has paid extra attention to the wired controller’s ergonomics and grip. It also used the Xbox Series X/S design as a basis, which means that it has a dedicated button for sharing.

I typically love controllers from 8BitDo. They are especially great for D-pads. This is also the company that designed the excellent Analogue Pocket. So if you’re looking to add more controllers to your collection, this is a potential option.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz